Views for 2009-07-28

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Matthew Rothschild
The Military Spies on Anarchists in Olympia
Amy Goodman on Democracy Now just broke a story that is a piece of a larger puzzle: and that puzzle is the spying on dissidents right here in the United States. This time it was done by someone...
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Frida Berrigan & Will Hartung
Pro-Nuclear Pundits Debunked
On April 5, 2009 President Barack Obama gave a major speech in Prague , outlining his vision on nuclear weapons policy. In many ways, Obama's speech was the culmination of a sea change in how the...
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Lucinda Marshall
Women’s Lives: The Misogynist Football In The Healthcare Debate
One of the very real dangers in the debate on how to fix American healthcare is that women's health will become a bargaining chip, with the GOP and anti-abortion forces trying to frame healthcare...
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Cenk Uygur
The 'Bipartisan Compromise' Scam
So, some of the top corporatist Democrats and Republicans in the Senate sat around a table in the Finance Committee for awhile pretending to sweat out a compromise and then came out with exactly what...
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George Monbiot
Denialogues and Politically Transmitted Diseases
All of us are in denial. Without it we couldn't get through life. Were we to confront the implications of mortality, were we to comprehend all we have done to the world and its people, we wouldn't...
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Audrey Mayer
The Truth about Socialized Medicine
I have been hearing a lot of pundits and politicians bemoan “socialized medicine” and its supposed inefficiencies and inequities. These horror stories are never accompanied by data, just hearsay and...
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Zia Mian
Pushing South Asia Toward the Brink
The contradictions and confusions in U.S. policy in South Asia were on full display during Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's recent visit to India. U.S. support for India, which centers on making...
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Rev. John Dear
The Peace of Chaco Canyon
This week Pax Christi New Mexico friends and I will mark the anniversary of the U.S.'s obscene bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And to commemorate the victims, as we've done for years now, hundreds...
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Suzanne Morrison
International Movements Breaking the Siege on Gaza
Since June 2007 the Israeli government has imposed almost complete closure over the Gaza Strip. The siege prevents nearly all movement of people or goods to and from the coastal region with only...
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Jeff Biggers
Letter from Europe: Foreign Disbelief of Topless America
Spoleto, Umbria--When President Barack Obama trundled into the bel paese of Italy for the G8 gathering last month, some of my neighbors in the verdant hills of Umbria were surprised to learn about...
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E.J. Dionne
Gun Control: Put Up or Shut Up
Isn't it time to dismantle the metal detectors, send the guards at the doors away and allow Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights by being free to carry their firearms into the nation's...
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Helen Thomas
Obama Ignores Torture
Secrecy is endemic in all governments. It goes with the turf, especially if their leaders hope to hide illegal or immoral behavior, such as torture of foreign prisoners. Many Americans heaved a sigh...
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Tim Jackson
Thinking the Unthinkable: Not Growing the Economy
Every society clings to a myth by which it lives. Ours is the myth of economic growth. For the last five decades the pursuit of growth has been the single most important policy goal across the world...
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Arundhati Roy
And We Call This Progress?
Bauxite mountains are part of a very delicate ecosystem. The mining of bauxite and the process by which it is turned into aluminum is among the most toxic, environmentally devastating processes...
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Dean Baker
How to Solve the Housing Crisis
Winston Churchill supposedly said: "You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they have tried everything else." This may prove to be an accurate description of the response...
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Juan Cole
Empire's Paranoia About the Pashtuns
What, what, what, What's the news from Swat? Sad news, Bad news, Comes by the cable led Through the Indian Ocean's bed, Through the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and the Med- Iterranean -- he 's dead;...
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