Views for 2009-07-16

Thursday, July 16, 2009
Arundhati Roy
Into the Inferno: Hollow Language and Hollow Democracies
W­hile we’re still arguing about whether there’s life after death, can we add another question to the cart? Is there life after democracy? What sort of life will it be? By democracy I don’t mean...
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Andrew Rich
Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission: Summoning the Ghost of Ferdinand Pecora
Ferdinand Pecora, the tough New York prosecutor who took on Wall Street following the collapse of the Great Depression, wrote in his 1936 memoirs: "Legal chicanery and pitch darkness were the banker'...
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Ali Abunimah
Obama's Prizes for Israel Are Not 'Pressure'
On 13 July, President Barack Obama received 16 leaders of the most prominent pro-Israel organizations at the White House. The gathering was an effort to assuage American Jewish concerns about US...
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Paula Crossfield
A Recipe for America and How You Can Help
Americans are more obese than ever, our current agriculture system is dependent on oil and other limited resources, our waterways and air are polluted by factory-like farming operations, and still...
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Paul Rogat Loeb
The Sotomayor Hearings - Branding the Neo-Confederates
If you read the liberal blogosphere, you know about Senator Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" Sessions's history of dubious racial statements . If you're following on most of the mainstream media, you don'...
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Ann Jones
Everything That Happens in Afghanistan Is Based on Lies or Illusions
KABUL, Afghanistan, July 2009 -- I've come back to the Afghan capital again, after an absence of two years, to find it ruined in a new way. Not by bombs this time, but by security.
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Dan Paden
Giving Farmed-Animal Abusers Their Due
With so many high-profile stories in the news lately—the passing of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, the Gov. Sanford scandal, post-election protests in Iran—you may not have heard about the...
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Haroon Siddiqui
Give Canadians the Choice of Al Jazeera TV
The most vocal critics of human rights commissions often invoke freedom of speech. Yet they were strangely silent when Ottawa effectively blocked Al Jazeera Arabic TV's entry into Canada in 2004. And...
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Merrick Godhaven
Consumption: The Root Cause of Climate Change
Technology is part of the solution to climate change . But only part.
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John Nichols
Feingold Pushes AG to Hold Torture Architects Accountable
Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold, the chief Senate critic of executive excess and wrongdoing during both Republican and Democratic administrations, wants Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a...
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Nick Dearden
Time to Pay Our Climate Debt
Last week's G8 meeting presents a worrying model of how climate talks will play out in the run-up to the Copenhagen summit in December. While rich countries fail to grasp the scale of the solution...
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Conn Hallinan
Blood and Oil in Central Asia
In the past month, two seemingly unrelated events have turned Central Asia into a potential flashpoint: an aggressively expanding North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and a nascent strategic...
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