Views for 2009-07-14

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Brian Thompson
The General In His Labyrinth: Who Remembers Manuel Noriega?
Although Manuel Noriega may have left Panama twenty years ago, the General's legacy still casts a long shadow on the face of Panamanian politics. Long stripped of his rank and privileged status, he...
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Niels S. Nokkentved
Nuclear Power Isn't Clean or Cheap
An Eagle-based company wants to build a 1,600-megawatt nuclear power plant in Elmore County. The U.S. Congress is considering a bill that proposes the nation build 100 new nuclear power reactors over...
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Walden Bello
Robert McNamara's Second Vietnam
The conventional view of Robert McNamara, who passed away a few days ago, is that after serving as the chief engineer of the disastrous U.S. war in Vietnam, he went on in 1968, to serve as president...
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Daniel Schulman
Treasury's Transparency Two-Step
Is Treasury not getting the message? When it comes to administering TARP, the agency has been warned again and again about its lack of transparency by the three government watchdogs monitoring the...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Common Sense on Needle Exchange
Two decades of paranoia on needle exchange took a welcome hit last week when a House subcommittee omitted the federal ban on needle exchange.
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Norman Solomon
The North Bay Needs a Green New Deal
Can the North Bay achieve a modern version of the New Deal to revive the region’s economy and promote a sustainable green future? The obstacles are huge — and so are the imperatives. A massive...
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Jeremy Scahill
Is Obama Continuing the Bush/Cheney Assassination Program?
In June, CIA Director Leon Panetta allegedly informed members of the House Intelligence Committee of the existence of a secret Bush era program implemented in the days after 9-11 that, until last...
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Linda McQuaig
Rich Cause the Crisis, Workers Get the Blame
For a while, the Wall Street meltdown gave the rich a bad name. Even they seemed embarrassed by their own excess. There were reports of designer shops packaging purchases in plain paper bags. But as...
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Arianna Huffington
Bearing Witness 2.0: You Can't Spin 10,000 Tweets and Camera Phone Uploads
China just delivered a stunning, real-world demonstration of the changes rocking -- and transforming -- modern journalism.
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Richard Louv
Getting Children Back to the Great Outdoors
At dinner one evening, my younger son Matthew, then 10, said quite seriously: “Dad, how come it was more fun when you were a kid?” Like many parents, I do tend to romanticise my childhood — and...
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George Monbiot
The Rich Can Relax. We Just Need the Poor World to Cut Emissions. By 125%
Well, at least that clears up the mystery. Over the past year I've been fretting over an intractable contradiction. The government has promised spectacular cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. It is...
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Thom Hartmann
Obama Drinks Friedman’s Kool-Aid
Our economy has gone into the toilet over the past 30 years, and President Obama and his advisors think "free trade" is the solution. Like Bill Clinton and both George Bush's, he's so enamored of it...
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Laura Flanders
Of Breadlines and Banks
President Obama was elected with a large enough mandate for fundamental change that he could forge a fresh social compact, lock in place a new set of mutual obligations and rewrite the relationship...
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