Views for 2009-07-02

Thursday, July 2, 2009
John Nichols
Totalitarian Rightists Put Orwellian Spin on Honduras Coup
To hear Rush Limbaugh and the tribunes of the totalitarian right tell it, everything is going swimmingly in Honduras. Yes, the military invaded the home of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya with guns...
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Ralph Nader
Ignoring Propethic Predictors
I've wondered often why people who go to "town meetings" held by campaigning politicians rarely ask fundamental questions. Here is one that should have been asked of presidential candidate Barack...
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Bo Webb
Coal Country is Ground Zero in Climate Change Battle
Dear Al Gore: Your long-time work on climate destabilization has triggered a sea change in how our nation tackles the impending crisis of global warming. I deeply admire and appreciate your...
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Chalmers Johnson
How to Deal with America's Empire of Bases
The U.S. Empire of Bases -- at $102 billion a year already the world's costliest military enterprise -- just got a good deal more expensive.
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Mark Morford
Confirmed: God is Slightly Gay
I am sitting here right now smiling just a little, fondly recalling that famously controversial children's book, the one about the gay penguins. Remember? That positively adorable pair of them, at...
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Jeremy Scahill
Pakistanis Reject U.S. "Aid" Flights, As Lawsuit is Filed Against U.S. Drone Attacks
Damn those ungrateful Pakistanis. After U.S. drone attacks killed more than 600 of their people since 2006—most of them civilians—it seems they think they have some right to say they don’t want the U...
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Corporate Crime Reporter
Obama’s Financial Regulation Plan Doomed to Fail
President Obama’s financial regulation proposal is doomed to fail. Why? Because it was developed by people who don’t believe in regulation. That’s the take of William K. Black, a profess of law and...
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Benjamin Jealous
Saving Troy Davis
In late May, I went to Georgia, where I met with Troy Anthony Davis on Death Row. He has been there for eighteen years, and I wanted to speak with him. I came away convinced that he represents the...
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Matthew Rothschild
Franken, the Fight, and the Wellstone Seat
Congratulations to Al Franken! Thanks for taking down the pestiferous Norm Coleman, who had usurped the seat of Paul Wellstone and who had refused to give it up for way too long. Good riddance, Norm...
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Andy Worthington
Release of the 'Holy Grail' of Torture Reports Delayed Again
Today was supposed to be the day that the Justice Department -- after two delays -- released an unclassified version of the CIA Inspector General's 2004 Report into the interrogations of "high-value...
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Daryl Hannah
Why I Was Arrested in Coal River, West Virginia
Why would I fly across the country on my own dime knowing I would most likely end up in jail in one of the poorest parts of America? Well, have you ever heard of MTR? Don't feel bad, my friends are...
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Tom Klammer
Who Sits at the Health-Reform Table?
President Obama held a town hall on Health Care Reform last week, broadcast nationwide on ABC with Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer. Once again, even though a majority of the public and now even a...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Still-Growing NPR 'Torture' Controversy
There are several noteworthy developments since I wrote on Tuesday about the refusal of NPR's Ombdusman, Alica Shepard, to be interviewed by me about NPR's ban on using the word "torture" to describe...
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Gary Kamiya
Californians Are Sinking Themselves
The world's eighth-largest economy has just gone belly-up. When midnight tolled on Tuesday night with legislators and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger still deadlocked over how to resolve the state's...
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Wendell Potter
Obama's False Friends of Health Reform
I'm hoping President Obama realizes that some of the folks who've been currying favor with him are not, as they claim, bringing "solutions" to the health care reform table. Most Americans --...
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Mark Weisbrot
Does US Lukewarm Response Bolster Honduran Coup?
The military coup that overthrew Honduras's elected president , Manuel Zelaya, brought unanimous international condemnation. But some country's responses have been more reluctant than others, and...
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Medea Benjamin
Hondurans Call Out for Help from the International Community
Our emergency international delegation to Honduras, organized from the United States by CODEPINK, Global Exchange and Non-Violence International, began its fact-finding mission in the wake of the...
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Robert C. Koehler
W is for Withdrawal
“From now on, the war they started is ours.” Seemingly these words of an Iraqi soldier, noted in a Guardian U.K. story, were uttered in pride. This was on June 30: National Sovereignty Day, the day U...
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