Views for 2009-07-01

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Dennis Kucinich
Iraq: Troop Movement, Not Troop Withdrawal
Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) made the following statement on June 30, 2009 regarding the announcement that U.S. troops have left the cities and towns of Iraq and turned over formal security to...
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Andy Bichlbaum & Mike Bonanno
For Once, the Yes Men Say No
The Yes Men, co-directors of the new award-winning documentary film The Yes Men Fix the World , have decided to withdraw their film from the Jerusalem International Film Festival, in support of the...
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Bob Dreyfuss
WTF: No More Troops in Afghanistan?
It's encouraging that General Jim Jones, the national security adviser, seems to have laid down the law to US generals in Afghanistan: no more troops. That's not the same as less troops, but it's a...
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Pat LaMarche
The Infidelity We Should Worry About
I'll say one thing about today's politicians: They have given whole new meaning to the term "stimulus package." Democrat or Republican, gay or straight, our public leaders seem to have a proclivity...
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Megan Garber
L’Affaire Froomkin, as Told by Froomkin
Jay Rosen calls it "the Froomkin kissoff." Others call it, less colorfully, "l'affaire Froomkin." Many call it politically motivated. Some call it "dumb, short-sighted, and self-destructive." Some...
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Johann Hari
Homosexuality Exists Everywhere, So Too Should Equal Rights
It is now 40 years since the start of a riot for freedom in a small tavern in New York City – and the riot has never stopped. It is spreading slowly across the world, to every continent, to Mumbai...
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Robert Scheer
The Root of Madoff's Evil
How convenient for the judge and the media to paint Bernard Madoff as Mr. Evil, a uniquely venal blight on an otherwise responsible financial industry in which money is handled honestly and with...
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Amy Goodman
Undo the Coup
The first coup d'etat in Central America in more than a quarter-century occurred last Sunday in Honduras. Honduran soldiers roused democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya from his bed and flew...
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Alberto Valiente Thoresen
Why President Zelaya's Actions in Honduras Were Legal and Constitutional
Rebel Report Editor's Note: RebelReports is publishing this original article as a response to those who claim that the coup in Honduras was legal and/or constitutional and to the reporting by those...
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Dean Baker
Banks Own the US Government
Last month, when the US Congress failed to pass a bankruptcy reform measure that would have allowed home mortgages to be modified in bankruptcy, senator Dick Durbin succinctly commented: " The banks...
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Stephen Zunes
Iran's Do-It-Yourself Revolution
Facing an unprecedented popular uprising against his autocratic rule and his apparently fraudulent re-election, Iran's right-wing president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has attempted to blame the United...
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Frida Berrigan
Weapons: Our #1 Export?
The phrase "Obama has a lot on his plate" is the understatement of the year. The president has a to-do list a mile long, and every day a new crisis (like the coup in Honduras ) gets added to the list...
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Dahr Jamail
Refusing to Comply: The Tactics of Resistance in an All-Volunteer Military
[Research support for this article was provided by the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute.] On May 1st at Fort Hood in central Texas, Specialist Victor Agosto wrote on a counseling statement...
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Jim Hightower
The Fourth of July is a Celebration of Agitation
Are you an agitator? You know, one of those people who won't leave well enough alone, who's always questioning authority and trying to stir things up.
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Norman Solomon
Abstract Quality Journalism for War
The New York Times used three square inches of newsprint on Tuesday to dispatch two U.S. Army soldiers under the headline "Names of the Dead." Their names -- Peter K. Cross and Steven T. Drees --...
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Ann Wright
Breaking the Siege of Gaza: Governments Refuse While Citizens Act
When our governments refuse to act to stop the 22 month illegal and inhumane siege, blockade, quarantine of Gaza, citizens have stepped in to challenge the blockade.
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Robert Weissman
150 Years
One hundred and fifty years jail time for Bernard Madoff is a good thing. To listen to the victims of his swindle, or read their words, is to appreciate the very far-reaching ways in which Madoff's...
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