Views for 2009-06-24

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Jodie Evans & Malali Bashir
Afghan Women Speak Out: Malali Bashir
As part of its mission to highlight and promote the stories and perspectives of Afghan women, CODEPINK has launched an ongoing series of print, audio and video interviews "Afghan Women Speak Out,"...
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Tom Andrews
Common Sense vs. the Military-Industrial-Political-Complex on the Floor of the US House Today
The more things change at the polls, the more they apparently stay the same in Congress. The Defense bill that the House Armed Services Committee is presenting today on the House floor is the first...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Neda Video, Torture, and the Truth-Revealing Power of Images
The single most significant event in shaping worldwide revulsion towards the violence of the Iranian government has been the video of the young Iranian woman bleeding to death, the so-called "Neda...
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John Nichols
Friends of Earth Score Energy Bill as 'Step Backward'
The League of Conservation Voters has thrown down the gauntlet in its campaign to win support for the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES) when it could see a U.S. House vote as soon as...
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Theda Skocpol
Moment of Truth for Obama and the Democrats
Fellow Americans, and fellow Democrats and Obama supporters, we are at a moment of truth, a pivotal turning point -- in the form of what happens in the next days and weeks with robust, universal...
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Jim Hightower
Today's Perpetrators of Gas Pump Thievery
Like a Fourth of July crescendo of fireworks, our gasoline prices are rising higher and higher. While this is tough on consumers, we're assured by a covey of tongue-clucking industry analysts that...
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Chuck Collins, Sam Pizzigati
What Happened to the Crackdown on Executive Pay?
Last February, amid public anger over millions in bonuses at bailed-out insurance giant AIG , our top national political leaders rushed to express their outrage - and even took some steps to place a...
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Diana Gibson & Ray McGovern
Torture Eats Away at the Soul of This Nation
Anniversaries can be important. This Friday marks the 22nd anniversary of the U.N. Convention against Torture, ratified and signed under President Reagan. Last Friday marked the 150th day of the...
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Johann Hari
Amazon Uprising More Urgent Than Iran's: The Planet Depends on It
While the world nervously watches the uprising in Iran, an even more important uprising has been passing unnoticed - yet its outcome will shape your fate, and mine. In the depths of the Amazon...
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Andy Worthington
Judge Orders Release From Guantanamo Of Al-Qaeda Torture Victim
In over three years of researching and reporting about the prisoners held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, I learned early on to expect, as one of Guantánamo's first commanders, Maj. Gen.
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Pierre Beaudet
The Endless War Continues: Taking Stock of US Strategy under Obama
Since the election of Barack Obama, mainstream observers have commented on the turmoil in the backrooms of the White House and the Pentagon. Apparently, the new President is trying to repair the...
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Greg Grandin
Touring Empire's Ruins: From Detroit to the Amazon
The empire ends with a pull out. Not, as many supposed a few years ago, from Iraq. There, as well as in Afghanistan, we are mulishly staying the course, come what may, trapped in the biggest of all...
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Robert Scheer
Foreclosure Fiasco
It's not working. The Bush-Obama strategy of throwing trillions at the banks to solve the mortgage crisis is a huge bust.
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Amy Goodman
Free Speech vs. Surveillance in the Digital Age
Tools of mass communication that were once the province of governments and corporations now fit in your pocket. Cell phones can capture video and send it wirelessly to the Internet. People can send...
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