Views for 2009-06-21

Sunday, June 21, 2009
Paul O’Brien
Baffling Indifference to Pakistani 'Exodus' Trauma
An unprecedented human drama is unfolding in Pakistan and yet few in the wider world are paying attention. Why?
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Pierre Tristam
How Obama Is Killing Health Reform
There is no health care debate in the United States. There’s not even a debate over principles. You’d think a nation intent on overhauling a broken system that presidents going back to Harry Truman...
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William Greider
Obama's False Financial Reform
The most disturbing thing about Barack Obama's call for financial reform was the way in which the president falsified our predicament. He tried to make it sound as though everyone was implicated in...
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Dave Lindorff
Obama's Health Reform Waterloo
The Obama administration and the Congressional Democrats are finally hitting the inevitable wall that was bound to confront them because of the president's congenital inability to be a bold leader,...
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Joseph Nevins
Deporting Fathers in the Name of Homeland Security
As families celebrate Father’s Day, consider the case of Roxroy Salmon. The father of four U.S.-born children, Salmon has lived in the United States for more than 30 years. Yet the Department of...
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Alexandra Spieldoch
Global Land Grab
Close to a billion people in the world are hungry, and there is growing poverty, unemployment, and displacement in the rural sector. The world community is in widespread agreement about the urgency...
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