Views for 2009-06-17

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Scott Horton
Partisan Politics and the Accountability Commission
Notwithstanding commanding support in Congress and with the American public, the creation of an Accountability Commission is now being held up by the Obama White House.
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Robert Shetterly
Courage, Commonsense, and the World Before Us
The following was given as a commencement address at George Stevens Academy in Blue Hill, Maine on June 14th:
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Robert Scheer
Obama's Economic Misfits Finally Get It
Now they tell us. On Monday, two men with considerable responsibility for enabling the banking meltdown confronted the error of their ways. Not directly, of course, for accountability is hardly the...
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Pankaj Mishra
Obama's Bulldozer Risks Turning the Taliban into Pakistan's Khmer Rouge
Last month Richard Holbrooke, the US state department's special representative, met students from Pakistan's north-west tribal ­areas. They were ­enraged by drone attacks, which - ­according to David...
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Glenn Greenwald
Obama and Transparency: Judge for Yourself
(updated below) "My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government" -- Barack Obama, January 28, 2009
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Anthony Romero & Lt. Col. Darrel Vandeveld
Let's Hold Bush Officials Accountable for Torture
Torture is a crime and the United States engaged in it. Those are two indisputable facts. Given the mountains of evidence already in the public domain, any effort to deny or soften that harsh and...
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Amy Goodman
Congre$$, Heal Thyself
As the Obama administration pushes for a vote on health-care reform before Congress recesses in August, has health-industry money too thoroughly polluted the process for anything good to come of it?...
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Jeremy Scahill
Shame: The 'Anti-War' Democrats Who Sold Out
In a vote that should go down in recent histories as a day of shame for the Democrats, on Tuesday the House voted to approve another $106 billion dollars for the bloody wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (...
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John R. MacArthur
Obama a Very Smooth Liar
It isn't quite fair to call Barack Obama a liar. During the campaign he carefully avoided committing to much of anything important that he might have to take back later. For now, I won’t quibble with...
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Laura Flanders
Novartis Prefers to Profit off Pandemic?
While the Obama administration's getting serious about healthcare reform, it's time for a rather pointed reading comprehension test. Consider the following story and find, if you can, the obvious...
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Ira Chernus
'Palestinians' without 'Palestine'
"Obama welcomes Netanyahu acceptance of Palestinian state," the headlines blared. Well, at least that's settled. With the U.S. president having shown the Israeli prime minister who is boss, both are...
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Hank Kalet
Obama: 'Tilting at Windmills' or Selling Out the Left?
This paragraph from this morning's New York Times story on proposed financial-sector regulations is becoming all too common in the early days of the Obama administration:
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John Nichols
All But 32 House Dems Back Bad Wars, Big Banks
Thirty-two Democrats broke with the Obama administration and House Democratic leaders Tuesday to oppose a $106 billion supplemental appropriation to maintain the occupation of Iraq, surge more troops...
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Phyllis Bennis
Netanyahu Speaks; The Israel-Palestine Ball Remains in Obama's Court
Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu threw a rhetorical bone to President Obama in his much anticipated speech on June 14, when he used the term "Palestinian state." But he conceded nothing of...
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