Views for 2009-06-13

Saturday, June 13, 2009
Bill Moyers, Michael Winship
Why Have We Stopped Talking about Guns?
You know by now that in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, an elderly white supremacist and anti-Semite named James W. von Brunn allegedly walked into the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum with a ...
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Andrew P. Morriss
Cap-and-Trade System Rewards Special Interests
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — "Cap-and-trade" sounds fabulous: those who emit carbon dioxide will have to obtain permits for their emissions. If they are able to reduce emissions cheaply, they will cut their...
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Jeremy Scahill
'A Perfect Storm for Disaster' Brewing With Washington's 'Unprecedented' Shadow Army
I've been reading through the hot-off-the-presses, exciting 100+ page report from the Commission on Wartime Contracting : "At What Cost? Contingency Contracting In Iraq and Afghanistan." There have...
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Jeff Biggers
Clean Coal Knee-Capping: Secretary Chu Makes $1 Billion Down Payment For More Dirty Coal
On the heels of a major Wall Street Journal report that we are reaching "peak coal," and revelations that the Bush administration buried a 2002 report on the cancer risks associated with coal ash,...
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Anna Brown
Clowning Around in Israel
You had to see it to believe it: Hunter “Patch” Adams, MD, fully decked out in his clown outfit, and a retired Israeli military general standing together in an enormous pair of red silk underwear...
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Christopher Brauchli
The Judge and the Urinator
The wicked are wicked no doubt, and they go astray and they fall. . .but who can tell the mischief which the very virtuous do? — William Makepeace Thackeray, The Newcomes
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Robert Naiman
Progressive Democrats We Can Believe In
Can Jane Hamsher's internet army teach Rahm Emmanuel and Timothy Geithner a lesson about accepting the input of progressive Democrats? That would be change I could believe in. Here she makes the case...
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Ralph Nader
Is TV Worth the Transition?
At twelve noon on June 12, 2009, the end of analog television's era was also when I let my set go dark. The last declaration I saw was that there were about three million of us disconnected but, no...
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Robert Fisk
A Divided Country United by the Spirit of Democracy
A brave people went in their millions yesterday to vote for the next president of Iran. They went for the right reasons and they went for the wrong reasons but they wanted a say in how their country...
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