Views for 2009-06-10

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Jodie Evans
Afghan Women Speak Out: Mariam Nawabi
As part of its mission to highlight and promote the stories and perspectives of Afghan women, CODEPINK has launched an ongoing series of print, audio and video interviews "Afghan Women Speak Out,"...
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Roy Romanow
There's More to Life Than GDP
For many years - and particularly since the onset of the global recession - Canadians and people around the world have been bombarded with news about the gross domestic product. Numbers have been...
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Bob Dreyfuss
Iran's Vote, Obama's Challenge
Foreign policy is front and center in the Iranian electoral debate. It's clear from countless discussions I've had in Tehran this week that many Iranians blame Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for isolating Iran...
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John Nichols
Afghan Woman Knows Why US Policy is Failing
OSLO -- The debate about the Obama administration's plan to surge more than 20,000 additional troops into Afghanistan has been so vapid that you will still hear suggestions that this approach is...
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Robert Kuttner
Five Questions We Should Ask About Financial Oversight
On June 17, the Obama administration will make public its long-awaited white paper on financial reform, quite possibly with a speech by the president himself. Leaks from various players within the...
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Glenn Greenwald
How Civilized, Law-Abiding Countries Imprison Terrorists
While the U.S.
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Robert Parry
Obama's Era of Openness Is Closed
An "era" used to last, but not so much anymore. We've already heard GOP Chairman Michael Steele proclaim that "the era of apologizing for Republican mistakes" was over (when many of us didn't know it...
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Lamar Waldron & Thom Hartmann
After 45 Years, a Civil Rights Hero Waits for Justice
A great miscarriage of justice has kept most Americas from learning about a Civil Rights pioneer who worked with President John F. Kennedy. But there is finally a way for citizens to not only right...
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Jesse Jackson
US Needs New Industrial Policy
'The fight for American manufacturing is the fight for America's future," President Barack Obama declared as he pledged billions to help save and reorganize Chrysler and General Motors. Yet, he also...
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Laura Flanders
Wells Fargo: Too Big to Jail?
Everyone wants the economy to bounce bank, and the President's not wrong to believe that the way to revive things is to boost confidence. But if mass confidence is what it's gong to take, the people...
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Naomi Klein /Noam Chomsky /Neve Gordon
Ezra Nawi: An Activist in Need
Every so often someone comes along who is so brave and so inspiring that you just can't sit by and remain silent when you learn they need your help. We're writing to you today about one of these rare...
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Andy Worthington
From Guantánamo To The South Pacific: Is This A Joke?
Let's face it, when it comes to Guantánamo, there's little to laugh about, unless you're an Islamophobic sadist - in which case, there's still nothing for the rest of us to laugh about.
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Ben Powless
Peru: Battle Lines Drawn over the Amazon
The rhetoric was sharp enough to cut down Amazonian hardwoods. Yesterday, Sunday June 7th, after a number of ministers had been paraded out Saturday and the day before, Peru's el Señor Presidente,...
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Jeff Biggers
West Va. Supreme Court Affirms Toxic Coal Silo as Wonderful Playground
While coal may now be the official rock of West Virginia, it might soon become the official school vegetable, too. Call it organic clean coal.
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Kathy Kelly
Visitors and Hosts in Pakistan
In Jayne Anne Phillips’ Lark and Termite, the skies over Korea, in 1950, are described in this way: “The planes always come…like planets on rotation. A timed bloodletting, with different excuses.”...
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Robert Weissman
The IMF Accountability Moment
Seeking to avoid a direct up-or-down vote on a proposal to send $108 billion to the International Monetary Fund, the administration, at the last moment, had the money stuck into a supplemental...
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Sally Kohn & Deepak Bhargava
Prepare Which Way?
A central tenet driving environmentalism is that we should leave the world better than we found it. As we think about reviving our stumbling economy, the same principle should apply — if we simply...
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Amy Goodman
Two Men Who Stood Under the Plunderers’ Knives
Ken Saro-Wiwa and Alberto Pizango never met, but they are united by a passion for the preservation of their people and their land, and by the fervor with which they were targeted by their respective...
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Frida Berrigan
Cyberscares About Cyberwars Equal Cybermoney
As though we don't have enough to be afraid of already, what with armed lunatics mowing down military recruiters and doctors, the H1N1 flu virus, the collapse of bee populations, rising sea levels,...
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