Views for 2009-06-04

Thursday, June 4, 2009
Noam Chomsky
The Grim Picture of Obama's Middle East
A CNN headline, reporting Obama's plans for his June 4 Cairo address, reads 'Obama looks to reach the soul of the Muslim world.' Perhaps that captures his intent, but more significant is the content...
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
A Seat at the Table for Single-Payer
This week, Senator Bernie Sanders has been firing on all cylinders as he continues his advocacy for real healthcare reform that controls costs while extending quality care to every American. Monday...
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Elsa Rassbach
US War Resister in Germany Awaits Obama
BERLIN - Tomorrow President Obama will be in Germany. First he will stop in Dresden and at the concentration camp at Buchenwald, near Weimar. Then he will visit wounded U.S. soldiers at Landstuhl...
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Ali Abunimah
Obama in Cairo: A Bush in Sheep's Clothing?
Once you strip away the mujamalat - the courtesies exchanged between guest and host - the substance of President Obama's speech in Cairo indicates there is likely to be little real change in US...
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Robert Kuttner
Facing Down the Private Insurance Industry
Despite budget pressures, President Obama has not backed off his commitment to universal healthcare reform. But the devil is in the details. And if he is not careful he could end up with a reform...
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Mary Robinson & Alicia Yamin
Let's Stop Women's Suffering
Human rights organizations around the world are starting to demand that governments recognize preventable maternal death as a violation of women's rights. With the United Nations Human Rights Council...
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Jeremy Scahill
Military Admits "Errors" in Civilian Bombing in Afghanistan, But Still Defends the Attacks
The May 4 US bombing in Farah Province in Afghanistan was reportedly the single worst aerial attack by US forces since the 2001 invasion began. Afghan sources said as many as 130-140 civilians were...
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Jonathan Clarke & Amy Zalman
Pull Out of the War on Terror
In foreign policy, candidate Obama promised change - and as president he has largely delivered. On Russia, Iran, Cuba, Europe, China, change has taken place, sometimes dramatically so. But he has...
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Laura Flanders
Jackasses on Sotomayor Ignore Wichita and New York
OK, let’s get this right: Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is making the rounds of the Capitol this week and some jackasses are still saying she has to explain her
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Julie Hollar, Isabel Macdonald
Media Quarantine of Single-Payer Continues
As a big healthcare policy debate looms once again in Washington, one thing remains as certain as it was in 1993: A single-payer plan that would provide government health insurance to everyone is off...
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Terry Keleher
Jump Starting Racial Justice
The appointment of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court has stirred up another round of debate about race in America. Clearly we have not yet achieved a post-racial society. But we could take some...
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Robert Weissman
GM Nationalization: The Path Not Taken, Choices Still Ahead
Whatever the woes of General Motors -- and they are substantial -- it does not follow that the government needed to drive the company into bankruptcy. With at least $50 billion in government supports...
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Robert C. Koehler
See No Evil
The heavily armed, trained killer was "under stress" when he raped, then murdered a 14-year-old girl and tried to burn her body, after having murdered her parents and 7-year-old sister. "He's my...
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Randall Amster
The Times They Aren't A-Changin' ... Yet
C'mon, admit it. No matter how cynical or radical you might fancy yourself to be, you expected things to change in a tangible way with Bush moving on out and Obama taking the reins. Yet now as...
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Stephen Zunes
Echoes of Solidarity 20 Years after Tiananmen
Twenty years ago today, I was at Camp Thoreau in New York's Catskill Mountains. Though I had already become a full-time academic, I was still involved in the topical folk music circles in which I had...
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E.J. Dionne
Rush and Newt Are Winning
A media environment that tilts to the right is obscuring what President Obama stands for and closing off political options that should be part of the public discussion. Yes, you read that correctly:...
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Tariq Ramadan
Action Must Follow Obama's Words
The relationship between the United States and Muslims has been so damaged after eight years of the Bush administration that the whole world is now wondering: what is Barack Obama going to say to...
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Medea Benjamin
Hamas Delivers Peace Letter to President Obama
The Hamas government in Gaza reached out to President Obama on the occasion of his visit to the Middle East, announcing that Hamas was willing to talk to all parties “on the basis of mutual respect...
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