Views for 2009-05-20

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Peter Hart
Does the CIA Ever Lie? Parsing the Pelosi Torture Controversy
The debate over Bush-era torture tactics like waterboarding has morphed into a full-blown Washington scandal. But the target isn't the Bush administration officials who ordered the torture; instead,...
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Gregory Kaufmann
Shotguns, AK-47's and Your National Parks
National Parks are not like other public lands, and they are not like state lands. They are set aside because they are unlike anywhere else on Earth. -- Congressman Raúl Grijalva Senator Tom Coburn...
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Gerald Paoli
Life and Death in the Qandil Mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan
Sulimanaya, Iraqi Kurdistan The Events Leading up to Mohamed’s Death The first Zarawa Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp was in a valley in the Qandil Mountains. It wasn’t home, but it was...
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Dave Lindorff
John Walker Lindh: The Original Bush Era Torture Victim?
As pressure mounts for an investigation or criminal prosecution of the officials and the decisions that led to an official government program of torture, the case of John Walker Liindh, the young...
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Sarah Simpson
Local Seeds vs. Big Guns
It was April 18 -- a warm and sunny day, weather completely unlike we had seen for some time. I must confess, I didn't have a chance to buy those not-so-fancy farming overalls like I had hoped. But,...
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Tom Schueneman
A Bit of Advice on Waxman-Markey: Beware the Lobbyists
This advice doesn't come from me personally, I am only passing it on from a lead official within the German Emissions Trading Authority , the American counterpart of which is still a gleam in the...
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Pat LaMarche
Patriotism is More Than a Flag
I am not a violent woman. But if I see House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on TV one more time I could get violently ill. Of all the whining, sniveling carrying on - and I'm paraphrasing her excuses - she was...
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Kimberly Chase
Remote Warfare Radically Changes the Front Lines
In ancient times, warriors could look one another in the eye on the battlefield. War was fought with minimal weaponry, a person-to-person test of bravery and strength. Battlefields were clearly...
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Glenn Greenwald
Terrorists in Prison: Is There Anything the Right Doesn't Fear?
The "debate" over all the bad and scary things that will happen if Obama closes Guantanamo and we then incarcerate those detainees in American prisons is so painfully stupid even by the standards of...
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Roane Carey
Cultivating Peace in Palestine
In the days leading up to Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Washington, Yisrael Beiteinu, the far-right party led by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, announced that it would seek a bill in the Knesset...
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Robert Scheer
Our Loss Is BlackRock’s Gain
How much do you know about the BlackRock hedge fund? Better bone up fast, now that the folks at BlackRock are calling the shots in the government's trillion-dollar bailout program. As both The New...
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Amy Goodman
Yoo’s Views Make Philly News
The Philadelphia Inquirer, one of that city's two major daily newspapers, is in the news itself these days after hiring controversial former Bush administration lawyer John Yoo as a monthly columnist.
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Andy Worthington
Guantanamo: A Prison Built On Lies
As the Obama administration prepares to relaunch Dick Cheney and David Addington 's reviled Military Commissions (with claims that they will be used for less than 20 of the 240 prisoners still held...
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Lewis Seiler, Dan Hamburg
Mistakes Were Made
“When the same mistakes are repeated over and over again, it’s time to consider the possibility that they are not mistakes at all.” -- Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine
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Jeff Cohen
Will Obama Move Supreme Court Rightward?
I learned long ago, while working at the media watch group FAIR, to be wary of New York Times headlines. Hearing news that President Obama has a shortlist of candidates to replace David Souter on the...
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