Views for 2009-05-19

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Greg Mitchell
The (Unsurprising) Psychic Toll of the War in Iraq
By this point, we should not be surprised to realize that the media, after a brief flurry of coverage, quickly dropped the story of John Russell, the Army sergeant being treated for mental issues,...
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Jeremy Brecher & Brendan Smith
The Trials of Ehren Watada
As Americans are inundated with revelations about the lies, torture and other crimes that accompanied the US-led war in Iraq, many who resisted continue to be punished for refusing to participate in...
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Suren Surendiran
Sri Lanka's Untold Story
Sri Lankan military killed thousands of Tamil civilians over the past few months (not to mention the years before) using the full might of its fire power by way of artillery and air strikes. It has,...
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John Cusack
A War on Terror by Any Other Name
Like many other American progressive-types (title for sake of argument), I voted for Obama and hope every day he'll facilitate the change he promised. A big part of the change progressives...
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Saleemul Huq
Bridging the Climate Change Gap
Since his inauguration in January, President Barack Obama has promised to take the problem of climate change seriously and step into a leadership role in the global negotiations. Congressional...
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Kevin Knobloch
Climate Legislation Opponents Up to Same Old Tricks
Thanks to documents recently uncovered by a lawsuit , we now know that a major industry trade group was told by its science advisers in 1995 that it was spreading false information about climate...
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Laura Flanders
Torturer in Chief: Media Pick Pelosi over Cheney
Beltway journalists seem finally to have a found a torture story they like. Mind you, not the one about the Bush/Cheney White House possibly okaying drowning to extract "information" to justify an...
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Noam Chomsky
Unexceptional Americans: Why We Can't See the Trees or the Forest: The Torture Memos and Historical Amnesia
The torture memos released by the White House elicited shock, indignation, and surprise. The shock and indignation are understandable. The surprise, less so.
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Rick Reyes
What Was I Fighting For?
Editor's Note from The Nation: The following commentary is based on an interview by Z.P. Heller, editorial director of Brave New Films. I was on liberty in Australia, dancing at a club I can't...
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Dean Baker
Money to Burn: Was the Bank Bailout Really Necessary?
US Treasury secretary Timothy Geithner says that we don't need to bail out the banks anymore based on the results of his stress tests . We should follow up quickly on his assessment and start...
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Glenn Greenwald
Obama's Embrace of Bush Terrorism Policies is Celebrated as "Centrism"
I wonder how many people from across the political spectrum will have to point this out before Obama defenders will finally admit that it's true. From Harvard Law Professor and former Bush OLC lawyer...
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Josh Harkinson
Pelosi and Waterboarding: Why All The Fuss Over Old News?
Strangely absent from the recent coverage of Pelosi's past knowledge of U.S. torture policies is any acknowledgement that this story is old news. Really old news.
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Bob Dreyfuss
Obama's Great Afghanistan Gamble
IF YOU CAN'T IMAGINE how President Obama intends to win the war in Afghanistan, you're not alone. The challenge is daunting: Along with a handful of war-plagued African states-Somalia, Burundi, the...
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Tom Gallagher
Why Are We in Afghanistan?
"Now there's folks in Washington that care what's on our minds." --Folksinger Ani DiFranco in a new verse added to the old union song "Which Side Are You On?" "We meet today as three sovereign...
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Andy Worthington
Pain at Guantánamo and Paralysis in Government
Although I reported last week about an important court case in favor of Alla Ali Bin Ali Ahmed, a Yemeni prisoner in Guantánamo, there was little in the way of progress, during the first 115 days of...
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Ray McGovern
Colin Powell Got Snookered at CIA
Think back six years. How often did we hear then-Secretary of State Colin Powell tout his intense four-day vigil at CIA headquarters preparing the speech he would give to the United Nations Security...
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