Views for 2009-05-03

Sunday, May 3, 2009
Bama Athreya
May Day Fails Its Promise to Workers
Virtually no one in the United States celebrates May Day. Yet International Workers' Day all started here, and we continue to export the violence faced by the workers it commemorates. Workers who sew...
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Lucinda Marshall
Aporkalypse Now—Finding the Real Swine in the Pandemic Pandemonium
For the last eight years, there has been no shortage of things to worry about-- Bin Laden, Al Queda, Saddam Hussein, Anthrax, Bird Flu, Katrina, sub-prime mortgages, health care costs, gas pump...
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Mark Weisbrot
Why Latin America's Left Keeps Winning
A few months ago I ran into an economist who was formerly head of the Bolivian Central Bank in the La Paz airport. He had been reading Nouriel Roubini , the New York University economist whom the...
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Eric Margolis
Pakistan Has World's Attention Now
PARIS - The Taliban are coming! The Taliban are coming! French troops in Afghanistan were just rocketed by Taliban. Last week, a bunch of lightly-armed Pashtun tribesmen rode down from the Malakand...
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Glenn Greenwald
UAE 'Torture' Scandal and Cover-up Sparks Outrage in the US
As more videotapes emerge documenting the torture inflicted on numerous victims by Sheikh Issa bin Zayed al-Nahyan, a prince of the United Arab Emirates, the controversy is beginning to jeopardize...
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Peter Rothberg
Pete Seeger at 90
In January, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Pete Seeger was the oldest person to perform as part of Barack Obama's inauguration festivities. Singing the "greatest song about America ever...
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Donna Smith
Get Them Out: Rotten Apples in Congressional Witness Bushel on Health Reform
Many know by now that a single payer healthcare system is the type of reform most widely supported by the American people and a majority of nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals. Many also...
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