Views for 2009-05-01

Friday, May 1, 2009
Greg Mitchell
A 6th Anniversary Look Back at Media Coverage of 'Mission Accomplished'
On May 1, 2003, Richard Perle advised, in a USA Today Op-Ed, "Relax, Celebrate Victory." The same day, exactly six years ago, President Bush, dressed in a flight suit, landed on the deck of the U.S.S...
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Jeremy Scahill
New UN Report Shows the US Combo of Torture and Impunity Thrives in Iraqi Prisons
Part of the deadly serious problem with the Obama administration's position on (not) holding accountable CIA torturers, their lawyers and the Bush administration officials who authorized and ordered...
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Johann Hari
Paying the Price for Cheap Meat
A swelling number of scientists believe swine flu has not happened by accident. No: they argue that this global pandemic - and all the deaths we are about to see - is the direct result of our demand...
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Glenn Greenwald
Ronald Reagan: Vengeful, Score-Settling, Hard Left Ideologue
This is a perfect illustration of how severely our political spectrum has shifted in the last two decades and how depraved and extremist our political and media classes have become: Charles...
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Robert Fisk
A Historic Day for Iraq – but Not in the Way the British Want to Believe
One hundred and seventy-nine dead soldiers. For what? 179,000 dead Iraqis? Or is the real figure closer to a million? We don't know. And we don't care. We never cared about the Iraqis. That's why we...
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Gary Kamiya
America's Necessary Dark Night of the Soul
So it has finally come, our strange, anesthetized and vaguely dreaded day of national reckoning.
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Mark Morford
The Right Goes Insane
This much we know: Hand evil a big, sticky gob of power, and it quickly becomes a feral monster, dangerous and cruel and willing to sell its own shriveled heart and the heart of its very remorseful...
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Robert Parry
Who Betrayed Objective Journalism?
The mainstream U.S. news media often laments the decline of objective journalism, pointing disapprovingly at the more subjective news that comes from the Internet or from ideological programming...
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David Michael Green
The Party Is Over
Poor Troy Senik. He's a Republican, so everyone knows he's stupid. He used to write speeches for George Bush and Newt Gingrich, so everyone avoids him at social gatherings. And now all his clients...
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Ramzy Baroud
Clinton’s Unpromising Start
Incongruous. One can hardly think of a more suited term to describe the new US administration's approach to peacemaking in the Middle East. Though there is little evidence that previous US...
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James K. Galbraith
Causes of the Crisis
Texas Obervers Editor's note: These remarks were delivered to a meeting of the Texas Lyceum in Austin on April 3, at a debate between University of Texas professor James Galbraith, an Observer...
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Mairead Maguire
Finding Heart and Courage: An Open Letter to President Obama
Dear President Obama, I found your book ‘Dreams from my Father' a moving and inspiring story of your own struggle to find your identity and purpose in life. You found it for sure, and today carry the...
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David Sirota
Democrats and 'The Magic Bullet'
As counsel for the Warren Commission, Arlen Specter described a "magic bullet" that changed America. Four decades later as a U.S. senator, Specter is providing another history-altering magic bullet...
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Karen Greenberg
Kiss the Era of Human Rights Goodbye
These days, it's virtually impossible to escape the world of torture the Bush administration constructed. Whether we like it or not, almost every day we learn ever more about the full range of its...
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John Nichols
Obama Likely to Pick Woman to Replace Souter
Supreme Court Justice David Souter, who has reportedly informed the White House that he plans to retire, is a relative youngster in high court terms.
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