Views for 2009-04-16

Thursday, April 16, 2009
Ziyaad Lunat
The Rhetoric of 'Peace'
The Israelis have offered the Palestinians many types of "peace." Their first attempt to reach out to the Palestinians was in 1948 with an offer of a "racist peace." Ethnic cleansing was the basis of...
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Dean Baker
The Need to Tax the Wealthy
The quest to increase taxes on the wealthy is not a gratuitous attack on upper income households; it is driven by the need to raise more revenue to run the government. While many deficit hawks been...
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Eric Holt-Gimenez
Food Rebellions: 7 Steps to Solving the Food Crisis
The World Food Program describes the current global food crisis as a silent tsunami, with billions of people going hungry. Hunger is, indeed, coming in waves, but not everyone will drown in famine...
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Ruth Conniff
The Crisis That Could Bring Down Obama
Goldman Sachs reports better-than-expected profits this quarter. Wells Fargo cleared record profits last week . The President, understandably, points to signs of hope and encourages Americans to be...
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Fred Pearce
Consumption Dwarfs Population as Main Environmental Threat
It's the great taboo, I hear many environmentalists say. Population growth is the driving force behind our wrecking of the planet, but we are afraid to discuss it. It sounds like a no-brainer. More...
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Zach Carter
Is Geithner's Hedge-Fund Bailout Illegal?
In recent months, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and other regulatory officials have made much ado about those "toxic" securities the Wall Street demons concocted by bundling together thousands...
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George Bisharat
A Step Toward Ending Israel's Impunity
The appointment of Richard Goldstone to head a United Nations fact-finding mission to the Gaza Strip represents an important first step toward ending Israel's impunity from international law. Mr.
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Neri Zilber
Is the Crisis Good for Globalisation?
In the heady days of 2003, before most of the world had heard of such things as credit-default swaps and banks "too big to fail", I was an undergraduate student at a prominent liberal arts university...
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Kevin Gallagher & Timothy Wise
Press the Reset Button on Latin America
Barack Obama goes to Latin America this week, first to Mexico then to Trinidad to join other leader s from the western hemisphere at the summit of the Americas . He has a golden opportunity to...
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Glenn Greenwald
The NYT's Predictable Revelation: New FISA Law Enabled Massive Abuses
In The New York Times last night, James Risen and Eric Lichtblau -- the reporters who won the Pulitzer Prize for informing the nation in 2005 that the NSA was illegally spying on Americans on the...
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Donna Smith
Where’s Our Elizabeth Warren for Healthcare?
Harvard Law School Professor Elizabeth Warren has been rocking some pretty swanky boats of late as she presides over the Congressional TARP Oversight Committee (Troubled Assets Relief Program, you...
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Russell Mokhiber
Top Ten Enemies of Single Payer
Most people, when they arrive in Washington, D.C., see it for what it is - a cesspool of corruption. Two reasonable reactions to the cesspool. One, run away screaming in fear. Two, stay and fight...
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Robert C. Koehler
War as Entertainment
OMG, pirates! Headlines around the country squealed with glee as our Navy SEALS - the Easter SEALS - took out the Somalian baddies, freed the newest American hero and helped President Obama with the...
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