Views for 2009-04-09

Thursday, April 9, 2009
Marie Cocco
Bagram: The Father of Guantanamo
The strategic exposition of the "newness" theme during Barack Obama's first presidential trip abroad reached its apogee in Turkey. Obama conducted a campaign-style "town hall" meeting with students...
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Laura Flanders
Lesson From Vermont: Don't Cower, Push
They did it. On Tuesday the Vermont legislature formally recognized that civil unions are not the same as marriage. Forgive me for saying it, but I think the Vermonters have a thing or two to teach...
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Anne Bartlett
On 'Saving' Darfur… and Africa in General
There is a dirty little secret that operates in the battle to "save" Darfur. It is the same dirty secret that has plagued Africa for years. Its name is colonialism and in Darfur, this impulse is...
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Ira Chernus
Requiem for the War on Terror
This is the way the Global War on Terror (also known, in Bush-era jargon, as GWOT) ends, not with a bang, not with parades and speeches, but with an obscure memo , a few news reports, vague denials...
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Danny Glover
Race and the Obama Administration
In 2001 I traveled to Durban, South Africa, to join the tens of thousands of people who came to participate in the United Nations-sponsored World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination,...
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Mark Weisbrot
There is No Global Economy
"This is the day that the world came together, to fight back against the global recession. Not with words but a plan for global recovery and for reform and with a clear timetable," said Gordon Brown...
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David Goodman
Vermont's 'Happily Ever After'
The Vermont State House was packed and overflowing. Inside the 152-year-old building, a drama was reaching its climactic act. Nine years after Vermont became the first state in the nation to legalize...
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Ellen Brown
Revive Lincoln’s Monetary Policy: an Open Letter to President Obama
Dear President Obama:
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Jeremy Scahill
How Many Democrats Will Stand Up to Obama's Bloated Military Budget and $75 Billion More in War Spending?
Much of the media attention this week on President Obama's new military budget has put forward a false narrative wherein Obama is somehow taking his socialist/pacifist sledgehammer to the Pentagon's...
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Rosa Brooks
Bail Out Journalism
This will be my last column for the L.A. Times. After four years, I'll soon be starting a stint at the Pentagon as an advisor to the undersecretary of Defense for policy. Some might say I have a "new...
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David Bacon, David Bacon
Why Workers Need the Employee Free Choice Act
Unions are good for workers. Today, median weekly pay for union members is $886, compared to $691 for nonunion workers. Moving cargo on the Oakland waterfront pays three times what stocking shelves...
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Ray McGovern
After Torture, Resurrection
Three years ago, Easter dawned on Crawford, Texas, for the many friends of justice and peace who were gathered there to celebrate new hope. Rev. Joseph Lowery gave an inspired message that morning,...
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Joyce Marcel
Drawn-Out Death
When it comes to newspapers, I'm locked into a love-hate relationship. The love part? I flat-out love them. Always have. As a kid in New York, I came from a mixed marriage - Mom read The New York...
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Robert C. Koehler
Geo-Insanity's Latest Mutation
As our warrior robot drones eradicate evil - or at least "militancy" - from above, the Suicide Army of the East vows to keep blowing itself up until we call them off. This is not the plot of a bad...
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Norman Solomon
Getting a Death Grip on Memory
A headline in the New York Times announced a few days ago: "Brain Researchers Open Door to Editing Memory." This news ran above the fold on the front page. "Suppose scientists could erase certain...
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