Views for 2009-04-08

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Adri Nieuwhof
Civil Society Shows Its Moral Strength
At a time when Western governments refrain from using their power to stop Israel's ongoing violations of international law, many civil society organizations silently watch the moral corrosion of...
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Glenn Greenwald
Keith Olbermann's Scathing Criticism of Obama's Secrecy/Immunity Claims
Several weeks ago, I noted that unlike the Right -- which turned itself into a virtual cult of uncritical reverence for George W. Bush especially during the first several years of his administration...
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Travis Sharp & Miriam Pemberton
The Cold War Takes a Hit
The war that ended 20 years ago has lived on in a menu of weapons systems we have continued to develop, modify, and build at ever increasing cost, if not utility, since then. Defense Secretary Robert...
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John Nichols
Secular Country? Obama Sides With Jefferson, Madison, Paine
President Obama made one of the most important statements of his young presidency when he said in Turkey that the United States is not "a Christian nation." Rob Boston was right when he noted on the...
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David Krieger
President Obama Calls for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons
In a remarkable speech for any American leader, President Obama, speaking in Prague on April 5, 2009, provided new hope for a world free of nuclear weapons. "I state clearly and with conviction," he...
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Jeff Biggers
Where's the National Outrage on Blair Mountain?
When Walmart recently announced its intention to build a super-center near the Wilderness Battlefield in Virginia, filmmaker Ken Burns and a host of Pulitzer Prize-winning historians denounced the...
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Monica Youn
News Flash: Greed and Stupidity Can Coexist!
Last week columnist David Brooks of the New York Times published an op-ed setting out two explanatory narratives of our current economic crisis, which he dubbed the "greed narrative" and the "...
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Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Ten Principles for a Black Swan-Proof World
1. What is fragile should break early while it is still small . Nothing should ever become too big to fail. Evolution in economic life helps those with the maximum amount of hidden risks - and hence...
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Peter Rothberg
A New Way Forward: Protesting Against the Wall Street Bailouts
What seems most immediately alarming about the bailouts and the $787 billion stimulus, write Leo Hindery and Donald Riegle in the April 20 issue of The Nation, are the countless indications that the...
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Tom Engelhardt
Terminator Planet: Launching the Drone Wars
In 1984, Skynet, the supercomputer that rules a future Earth, sent a cyborg assassin, a "terminator," back to our time. His job was to liquidate the woman who would give birth to John Connor, the...
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Amy Goodman
US Muslims Still Under Siege
As President Barack Obama made his public appearance with Turkish President Abdullah Gul on Monday as part of his first trip to a Muslim country, U.S. federal agents were preparing to arrest Youssef...
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Robert Scheer
Living Large and in Charge
Not surprisingly, Lawrence Summers is convinced that he deserved every penny of the $8 million that Wall Street firms paid him last year. And why shouldn't he be cut in on the loot from the loopholes...
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Jonathan Steele
Obama Should Listen to Iraqis, Not Lecture Them
Sandstorms are unpredictable, but in the case of Barack Obama's rushed trip to Iraq the one that hit Baghdad just as he was landing on Tuesday afternoon was highly unfortunate. US officials were...
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Russell Mokhiber
PBS Lashes Back over Single Payer Dustup
Last week, I wrote an article - "Something is Rotten at PBS" - about a slanted PBS Frontline documentary - "Sick Around America." Frontline hired former Washington Post reporter T.R. Reid to put...
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Bill Moyers, Michael Winship
Changing the Rules of the Blame Game
A cartoon in the Sunday comics shows that mustachioed fellow with monocle and top hat from the Monopoly game -- "Rich Uncle Pennybags," he used to be called -- standing along the roadside, destitute...
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