Views for 2009-04-04

Saturday, April 4, 2009
Glenn Greenwald
Larry Summers, Tim Geithner and Wall Street's Ownership of Government
White House officials yesterday released their personal financial disclosure forms, and included in the millions of dollars which top Obama economics adviser Larry Summers made from Wall Street in...
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George Bisharat
Israel on Trial
SAN FRANCISCO - Chilling testimony by Israeli soldiers substantiates charges that Israel's Gaza Strip assault entailed grave violations of international law. The emergence of a predominantly right-...
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Jeremy Scahill
Obama's Neoliberals: Selling His Afghan War One Report at a Time
Reading the Center for American Progress ’ new report supporting President Obama’s escalation of the US war against Afghanistan is a very powerful reminder of how much neoliberals and neocons are...
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Michael Winship
Miss Universe’s Excellent Adventure
"A crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in." That was Frederick the Great of Prussia's take on the pain of being royalty. Just ask Queen Elizabeth II and Michelle Obama. When they briefly touched...
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Danny Schechter
After the Summit: What Was Accomplished and for How Long?
The eyes of the world have been on the Economic Summit in London but the ideas of the world were mostly conspicuous by their absence. Here we have a global crisis. The house is on fire. Unemployment...
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Michael Schwalbe
No Armies Are Moral
People in every country want to see their soldiers as acting nobly. So perhaps it's no surprise that Israeli propagandists have tried to claim first place by calling the IDF the "most moral army in...
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David Michael Green
Regressive Hypocrisy (Yawn…) Again
Hey, what time is it? Does anybody know? Is it one o'clock? Two? Six? Ten? It doesn't matter. Whatever time of day it is, there is always one thing you can be assured of. You'll never have a shortage...
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Christopher Brauchli
Witches, Condoms and the Pope
Get in line in that processional, Step into that small confessional, There, the guy who’s got religion’ll Tell you if your sin’s original. . . . — Tom Lehrer, The Vatican Rag He’s batting 50-50 which...
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MADRE Talking Points: Seven Reasons to Oppose a Troop Surge in Afghanistan
We know that elements in the military and Congress exerted great pressure on President Obama to ratchet up the war on Afghanistan. To achieve a more rational and peaceful outcome, we need to exert a...
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Ralph Nader
The Ones Who Got It Right
Why is it that well regarded people working the fields of corporate power and performance who repeatedly predicted the Wall Street bubble and its bursting receive so little media and attention?
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Rita Lasar
Dear President Obama: Get Us Out of Afghanistan
Dear President Obama, Let's get rid of the easy part first. I voted for you joyfully. Let's get to the hard part now. You are absolutely wrong about your policy in Afghanistan. Let me tell you why.
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