Views for 2009-04-02

Thursday, April 2, 2009
Saskia Sassen
Too Big to Save: The End of Financial Capitalism
The misnamed "Group of Twenty" ( G20 ) meets in London on 2 April 2009 to discuss how to save the global financial system. It is too late. The evidence is in: we don't have the resources to save this...
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War Resisters League
Beyond Afghanistan: Choosing Nonviolence
As we approach the April 4 anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s great 1967 "Beyond Vietnam" speech in New York City's Riverside Church, the War Resisters League reiterates King's urgent cry...
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Thomas Frank
Lock 'em Up: Jailing Kids is a Proud American Tradition
At first glance, the news from Luzerne County, in northeastern Pennsylvania, is not good. In what is known locally as the "kids for cash" scandal , two judges have pleaded guilty to accepting $2.6...
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Tara Lohan
Blue Gold: Have the Next Resource Wars Begun?
It has often been said that water is "blue gold" and the next resource wars will be fought, not over oil, but over water. Maude Barlow, senior advisor to the United Nations on water issues, wrote...
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Charlotte Dennett
Leahy Bails on 'Truth Commission' Plan
Those of you following the George W. Bush prosecution trail will be interested to know that Patrick Leahy's "truth commission" is a no-go. I was in a meeting with Leahy and four other Vermonters on...
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Bill Delahunt & Sabin Willett
Innocent Detainees Need a Home
One of the most pressing issues the Obama administration will face when it closes the Guantanamo detention center is what to do with the 63 detainees cleared for release or transfer who cannot return...
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Jesse Jenkins
New Climate Bill Proof of Misplaced Priorities
Marking the starting bell in the long-promised fight over the nation's energy future, Congressmen Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Ed Markey (D-MA) introduced a climate and energy legislation "discussion...
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Mark Morford
The Last Muscle Car
Have you seen this thing? This sexy macho bloated Hot Wheels fantasia dreamgasm of a car-like drunken child's funbot crayon sketch? No? Because it appears to be a vehicle that at least some across...
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Sharif Abdullah
Report from the Field: Conflict Resolution in the Worst of Conflicts
In a recent article, the fair and objective "International Crisis Group" (ICG) laid out the problem of the continuing war in Sri Lanka and its devastating consequences for civilians trapped by both...
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Laura Flanders
Silence on Afghanistan: If Only It Were a Joke
It's April Fool's Day week and my inbox is full. My favorite prank posting so far comes from the London- based Guardian newspaper which announced (via Twitter): "The Guardian scraps print version for...
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Bob Dreyfuss
Afghanistan: No Benchmarks Yet
Last week, in revealing the outlines of his new plan for Afghanistan, President Obama spoke about "benchmarks" that would be applied to measure progress. The comment inevitably raised parallels to...
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Andrew Bacevich
How Do We Save NATO? We Quit
When he visits Strasbourg, France, this week to participate in festivities marking NATO's 60th anniversary, President Obama should deliver a valedictory address, announcing his intention to withdraw...
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Glenn Greenwald
Endless Right-Wing Self-Pity
The predominant attribute of the right-wing movement is self-victimizing petulance over the unfair treatment to which they are endlessly and mercilessly subjected. Last week, C-SPAN broadcast a...
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John Prados
The AfPak Paradox
There is a new acronym in the lexicon of Obama administration national security moguls. "AfPak" stands for Afghanistan and Pakistan. The term denotes the administration's desire to take a unified...
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Christopher Cooper
The Changes And Chances Of This Mortal Life
My experience of several weeks between the time when all but one television station abandoned analog broadcasting and I took my ludicrous plastic, magnetic, encoded, hologram-encrusted, anti-...
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Maria Margaronis
London Calling
In London on Wednesday, Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev agreed to make cuts in their nuclear arsenals; Obama and Gordon Brown announced that the G20 were "within a few hours" of agreeing a global...
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