Views for 2009-03-29

Sunday, March 29, 2009
Evgeny Morozov
This year's report on 'enemies of the Internet' prepared by Reporters Without Borders, the international press advocacy group, paints a very gloomy picture for theeedom of expression on the Web. It...
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Julia Steiny
Zero-Tolerance Policies Wreak Havoc on Children’s Education
There are children who matter so little that no government agency even bothers to count or keep statistical track of them. They are the children of prisoners. Nationally, the justice systems have no...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Heeding John Hope Franklin's Education Warning
John Hope Franklin left us with a warning. The most important was on education. In a 2000 telephone interview, I felt his then-85 years seethe over the line from his home in Durham, N.C. To him, the...
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Elissa Ely
More to Homelessness than Needing a Home
You might think that what homeless men and women need above all else are homes. An expert I know, though, says that there is something they need even more. He says the answer to homelessness is...
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William Greider
Trust Your Guts
A reassuring new story line is emanating from our leaders. I heard Representative Barney Frank, chair of the House Banking Committee, explain it. Then I read the same line in a Washington Post news...
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Glenn Greenwald
Jim Webb's Courage v. the 'Pragmatism' Excuse for Politicians
There are few things rarer than a major politician doing something that is genuinely courageous and principled, but Jim Webb's impassioned commitment to fundamental prison reform is exactly that.
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Pierre Tristam
Pretending to be Civilized in an Epidemic of Institutional Sadism
From the you-can't-be-serious department: Savana Redding was a 13-year-old honors student at a small Arizona middle school. In math class one morning the principal ordered her to pack up and follow...
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