Views for 2009-03-28

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Ray McGovern
Welcome to Vietnam, Mr. President
I was wrong. I had been saying that it would be naïve to take too seriously presidential candidate Barack Obama's rhetoric regarding the need to escalate the war in Afghanistan. I kept thinking to...
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David Michael Green
The Republican Alternative Stimulus Plan
I'm kinda pissed off at the lousy treatment America is giving to Republicans these days. First of all, in a general sense, it just seems ungrateful and ungracious. I mean, Republicans worked hard...
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Ralph Nader
Paying for the Deficit
Where is the revenue coming from to help reduce the tidal waves of red ink during the massive deficit spending by Washington to bolster Wall Street greed, stimulate the economy and rescue homeowners?
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Christopher Brauchli
Cheney and Spitzer- Commentators
Here richly, with ridiculous display, The politician's corpse was laid away. - Hilaire Belloc, Epitaph on the Politician Himself It was a study in contrasts. One fallen politician returned to the...
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Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr.
Give Me Liberty AND Give Me Death
As you may know the D.C. Voting Rights Act has been postponed in the Congress, and will likely not be brought up in the House until late April. The bill provides full congressional representation to...
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Danny Schechter
Needed: A New Commission to Probe Corporate Crime
Another day. Another ponzi scheme. This time it's the Millennium Bank in the Eastern Caribbean accused of a mere $65 million dollar rip off. (Ponzi king Bernard Madoff allegedly took in $65 billion...
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Michael Winship
That's No Angry Mob, It's a Movement
A college friend of mine, after much quaffing from the keg, so to speak, would start singing a faux hymn that began, "We are sliding into sin -- whee!" I've thought of his bleary tune from time to...
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