Views for 2009-03-24

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Glenn Greenwald
A Major Difference Between Conservatives and Progressives
One of the linchpins of the Bush presidency, especially during the first term (and well into the second, until he became a major political liability), was the lock-step uncritical reverence - often...
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Scott Ritter
Obama's Plan to Save the World
While pundits and politicians wrestle with immediate issues such as the economic meltdown, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the nuclear ambitions of Iran and North Korea, global climate change...
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Matthew Rothschild
Geithner’s Public Private Partnership Puts Public Most at Risk
Tim Geithner’s at it again, doing somersaults, with hundreds of billions of federal money flying out of his pockets in the process, all to distract us from the more sensible course of action, which...
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Cristina Page
The Morning After Pill Conspiracy
If Bush waged a war on science then yesterday the war crime tribunal spoke. The U.S. District court of the Eastern District of New York ruled that the Bush administration had politicized a once...
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Roane Carey
Palestinian Revolution?
On Friday I went to the anti-separation wall demo in Ni'lin in the West Bank, the same village where International Solidarity Movement activist Tristan Anderson was critically wounded last week...
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Seumas Milne
Will Israel be Brought to Book?
Evidence of the scale of Israel 's war crimes in its January onslaught on Gaza is becoming unanswerable.
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Maryam Roberts
Economic Downturn Will Push More into the Military
One sector benefiting from the economic downturn is military recruitment, often at the expense of enlistees. Hard times are forcing people to make life-changing decisions, especially those who have...
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Laura Flanders
Geithner's Plan: Like an Oil Spill
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Joseph Stiglitz
Fiscal Plan Fails both Markets and Taxpayers
Let's be clear: President Barack Obama inherited an economy in freefall and could not possibly have turned things around in the short time since his election. Unfortunately, what he is doing is not...
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Carl Pope
Exxon Valdez, 20 Years Later
Today marks the 20th anniversary of one of the worst environmental disasters in history, the Exxon Valdez oil spill. After two decades, the memory of the spill persists for the commercial fishermen...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
No More Freebies at EPA
After eight years in which the EPA was the Environmental Pass Agency, new administrator Lisa Jackson last week sent a new signal that polluters cannot pass "Go." In a memorandum, she stopped the...
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Jonathon Porritt
Perfect Storm of Environmental and Economic Collapse Closer Than You Think
A " perfect storm" of food shortages , scarce water and high-cost energy will hit the global economy before 2030, said the government's chief scientific adviser, John Beddington, last week.
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George Monbiot
Woodchips With Everything
Whenever you hear the word miracle, you know there's trouble just around the corner. But however many times they lead to disappointment or disaster, the newspapers never tire of promoting miracle...
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Harvey Wasserman
People Died at Three Mile Island
People died--and are still dying--at Three Mile Island. As the thirtieth anniversary of America's most infamous industrial accident approaches, we mourn the deaths that accompanied the biggest string...
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Tom Gallagher
Making Ourselves Make Him Do It
At the start of last Saturday's antiwar demonstration in San Francisco it looked like about half the crowd had shown up to give the other half a leaflet or sell them a newspaper. I don't know what...
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Norman Solomon
These Colors Cannot Run... Afghanistan
Is your representative speaking out against escalation of the Afghanistan war? Last week, some members of Congress sent President Obama a letter that urged him to "reconsider" his order deploying 17,...
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John Nichols
Mr. Cheney, What About This 'Executive Assassination Squad'?
Dick Cheney is not going to fade away. George Bush may have retreated to Texas to clear brush and ponder how things went so horribly wrong. But Cheney, who failed out of the university from which...
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Bob Dreyfuss
Afghanistan: Waiting for the 'Exit Strategy'
It's Afghanistan week, with President Obama's Afghanistan review complete and the new strategy for the war set to be released any day now. In his 60 Minutes interview, Obama suggested that he's...
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