Views for 2009-03-20

Friday, March 20, 2009
Sarah van Gelder
On the 6th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq: A New Direction?
This week marks the sixth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, an event some have called the greatest strategic disaster in U.S. history . I won't repeat here the tragic statistics of American...
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Poka Laenui
An Honorable Exit from Iraq Editor's note: This article was orignally published in the Fall 2007 issue of YES!
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Peter Hart
The Short, Happy Iraq War of Howard Kurtz
As the world marks the sixth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, corporate media's most prominent journalism critic is wondering if Barack Obama's Iraq policy isn't being sufficiently...
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Anthony Arnove
Moved On from the Struggle
On March 2nd, the liberal organization for mobilizing opposition to the Bush administration through the Internet--sent an e-mail to its membership that declared the U.S. war on Iraq...
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Dean Baker
The AIG Saga: A Brief Primer
The awarding of $165 million in bonuses to AIG executives has dominated the news in the last week. There has been widespread outrage over the idea that taxpayers' dollars are being used to reward the...
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Donna Smith
Will Congress Pass Ponzi Healthcare? Let’s Say 'No' in Des Moines
If you think the bonuses you are paying to AIG executives or the money flow from AIG bailout funds to foreign banks is shocking, wait until you get a load of what will be sold to you as healthcare...
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Dave Lindorff
Obama’s Moment is Passing Quickly
The actions of Obama's Chief Financial Adviser Larry Summers and his Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner in permitting the payment of $165 million in bonuses to AIG executives (Summers, according to the...
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Bruce Gagnon, Bruce Gagnon
Arms Race in Space
The new arms race in space is shaping up to be the largest industrial project in Earth's history. To pay for this project, the aerospace industry has been lobbying Washington for a dedicated funding...
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Liesl Gerntholtz
Women's Land Rights Can Help Battle Hunger in Africa
I pass a poster on my way to work in London every morning that never fails to surprise me. It's large, colorful, and cheerfully exhorts us to throw away less food. Apparently, even in the current...
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Mark Weisbrot
El Salvador Votes Away Its Bad Past
Last Sunday's election in El Salvador , in which the leftist FMLN (Farabundo Martí Front for National Liberation) won the presidency, didn't get a lot of attention in the international press. It's a...
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Robert Weissman
Lessons from AIG
Watch out if you live in or visit Washington, D.C. If you see a camera or microphone, be careful not to be trampled by a politician rushing to shout their "outrage" at AIG, and its brazen scheme to...
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Medea Benjamin
Muntadar al-Zaidi Should Be Pardoned
On March 12, just one week before the sixth anniversary of the war in Iraq, Iraqi journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi was sentenced to three years in prison for throwing his shoe at George W. Bush. CODEPINK...
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David Michael Green
Barack Obama and the Altar of Greed
Barack Obama is dumber than a bag of hammers. I never thought I'd say that about the guy. I thought he would probably disappoint me with many of his policies. I thought he would probably fail to be...
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Randall Amster
What to Do When Peace Breaks Out
With the economic crisis worsening and anxiety growing, people are beginning to speculate about what things might look like in the event of societal collapse. Previously, this line of inquiry was...
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Jesse Hagopian
Teachers for CEO Merit Pay!
Pop quiz: Chief Executive Officers, take out your #2 pencils and mark the letter that corresponds to the single best answer choice (remember, unlike on Wall St. your scores will be invalidated if you...
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Ted Nordhaus & Michael Shellenberger
Obama's Post-Environmental Moment
A little more than four years after we started a debate about the future of environmentalism, President Obama has largely ended it. In his State of the Union address, Obama called for the most far-...
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Robert McChesney
The Death and Life of Great American Newspapers
Communities across America are suffering through a crisis that could leave a dramatically diminished version of democracy in its wake. It is not the economic meltdown, although the crisis is related...
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David Sirota
A Government of Men, Not Laws
United Steelworkers President Leo Gerard likes to say that Washington policymakers "treat the people who take a shower after work much differently than they treat the people who shower before they go...
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