Views for 2009-03-18

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Donna Smith
RNs from Six States Rally for Single Payer Outside White House Healthcare Forum in Vermont
BURLINGTON, VT ­­- The White House may have hoped for a carefully structured discussion with a predictable and prescribed outcome that would fit smoothly into its desired agenda, but during the...
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Peter Rothberg
Stop Mountaintop Removal
In the United States, 100 tons of coal are extracted every two seconds. Around 70 percent of that coal comes from strip mines, and over the last 20 years, an increasing amount comes from mountaintop-...
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Jeremy Scahill
President Obama, Why Did You Pay Blackwater $70 Million in February?
For those already outraged at the AIG bonus scandal, here is a fact that should add more fuel to the fire: The Obama administration has paid the mercenary firm formerly known as Blackwater nearly $70...
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Robert Redford
Once Too Early on Solar Power - Now, Let's Not Be Too Late
In his State of the Union address, President Obama noted that although America invented solar energy technology, we have fallen behind countries like Germany and Japan in producing it. He is right of...
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Dan Kennedy
Newspapers Aren't Dying, Our Democracy Is
A new survey about public attitudes toward newspapers gets it precisely backwards. Supposedly most people don't think civic life would suffer all that much if their local newspaper shut down. But it'...
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Michael T. Klare
The Second Shockwave
While the economic contraction is apparently slowing in the advanced industrial countries and may reach bottom in the not-too-distant future, it's only beginning to gain momentum in the developing...
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Barbara Koeppel
Indentured Servants, Circa 2009
Feeding on this and last years' gigantic job losses and fear of more to come, anti-immigrant anger is exploding across the U.S. Thus, Nativists like Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio are nudged to over-...
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TA Frank
The Failed Presidency of Barack Obama
Some presidents have first-rate minds, others have first-rate temperaments. Barack Obama had both. In the first months of Obama's presidency, every appearance he made reinforced the public's...
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Lenore J. Daniels
When You Can't Ignore Racism, Just Lock It up
The US won't be there! President Barack Obama doesn't want to look back. Racism is dead. Let's move on! So the U.S. won't be there. It has better, nobler things to do.
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Alan Nasser
The New TARF, the Moribund Bailout, and a Real-World Stimulus Plan
The public is both stymied and angry about a series of bailouts that constitute the biggest transfer of public funds to a handful of the superrich in American history. The problem is that these...
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Harold Meyerson
The Nationalization Option
You might think that having anted up $173 billion of our own money, we taxpayers would have some leverage at AIG, now that we own 80 percent of the shares.
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John R. MacArthur
Obama is Far from a Radical Reformer
Assessing the gigantic new budget proposed by Barack Obama is hard enough, but the $3.6 trillion behemoth turns incomprehensible when left- and right-leaning journalists assigned to analyze it seem...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Dishonest "Blame Dodd" Scheme from Treasury Officials
There is a major push underway -- engineered by Obama's Treasury officials, enabled by a mindless media , and amplified by the right-wing press -- to blame Chris Dodd for the AIG bonus payments. That...
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Robert Scheer
Perp Walks Instead of Bonuses
There must be a criminal investigation of the AIG debacle, and it looks as if New York's top lawman is on the case. The collusion to save this toxic company in order to salvage the rogue financiers...
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Amy Goodman
Those Hit Hardest Get No Bailout
Taxpayers' bailout money for AIG bonuses has rightfully provoked a massive backlash against AIG, Wall Street, President Barack Obama and his economic advisers, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and...
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Pratap Chatterjee
One Country, Three Futures: The Afghanistan Americans Seldom Notice
Want a billion dollars in development aid? If you happen to live in Afghanistan, the two quickest ways to attract attention and so aid from the U.S. authorities are: Taliban attacks or a flourishing...
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Mark Danner
US Torture: Voices from the Black Sites
ICRC Report on the Treatment of Fourteen "High Value Detainees" in CIA Custody by the International Committee of the Red Cross 43 pp., February 2007 Press release and contact information
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Rev. John Dear
Loving Our Enemies, The People of Iran
I had hoped to join a recent peace delegation headed late February for the maligned nation of Iran, but was unable to make it. In the end, only six of the twenty delegates received visas. Among those...
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Joe Brewer
How To Destroy the Government in Three Easy Steps
In eight short years, conservatives have effectively bankrupted many state governments and left the fed in shambles. And now citizens have to "make tough decisions" and share the suffering equally...
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