Views for 2009-03-10

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Melissa Harris-Lacewell
In Defense of Earmarks
The US Senate spent yesterday freaking out on Capitol Hill about the spending bill. Senators are wrangling about its passage because so many of the proposed spending items fall under the broad...
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Katharine Daniels
Closing The Gap: A Prep School Environment for All
It's clear that school budgets are woefully inadequate and underfunded. But, will simply throwing money at a system that is flawed, broken, and unequal successfully nurture the academic achievement...
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Matthew Rothschild
Obama Hits Right Notes on Stem Cell Research; Republicans Heartless
This was an easy step, but it was the right step, and it was the humane step. When he signed the Executive Order lifting the federal ban on new embryonic stem cell research, President Obama was...
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Isabel Hilton
The World is No Longer Looking – but Tibet's Plight Isn't Over
A year after the biggest uprising against Chinese rule in half a century, Tibet is under military lockdown, foreign tourists and reporters are banned and an increasingly intransigent Beijing has...
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David Vine
Battle over Bases
In 2003 and 2004, President George W. Bush announced his intention to initiate a major realignment and shrinkage of what his administration described as an economically wasteful and outdated U.S...
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Harvey Wasserman
Is This the End of the Age of the Automobile?
As a dominant form of transportation, the automobile is dead. So is GM, which now stands for Gone Mad. But the larger picture says that the financial crisis now enveloping the world is grounded in...
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Deb Price
Uncle Sam Should Recognize All Marriages
A decade after falling in love, Massachusetts State Trooper Mary Ritchie and Kathy Bush became parents. When Ryan was born, Bush postponed her career to be a stay-at-home mom. Not long afterward,...
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Christine Ahn, Gwyn Kirk
Fashioning Resistance to Militarism
In the silver lining to the devastating economic crisis, critiques of excessive military spending are now beginning to echo around Capitol Hill and throughout mainstream media. Federal budget...
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Glenn Greenwald
Charles Freeman, Roger Cohen and the Changing Israel Debate
Anyone who doubts that there has been a substantial -- and very positive -- change in the rules for discussing American policy towards Israel should consider two recent episodes: (1) the last three...
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Gary Kamiya
John Yoo is Sorry for Nothing
You have to give John Yoo credit for chutzpah.
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Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
Obama's DNI Urged to Back Freeman
Consortium News Editor's Note: Former U.S. Ambassador Chas Freeman has been tapped to head the National Intelligence Council, which oversees the production of National Intelligence Estimates on...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
A Risk Big Oil Companies Can Afford to Share
In his 2010 budget, President Obama wants $31.5 billion from oil companies over the next 10 years with new taxes and by closing tax loopholes. This is a mere $3.15 billion a year, but the oil execs...
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Robert Naiman
Can Congress Save Obama from Afghan Quagmire?
A progressive Presidency is a terrible thing to waste. It only comes around once every so often. Wouldn't it be a shame if Americans' hopes for the Obama Administration were squandered in Afghanistan?
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Dean Baker
If Private Insurers Compete with Government, They'll Lose
We all know that people have different ideologies about the proper role of government. Some people, who tend to be left of center, think that the government's role is to try to promote the general...
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