Views for 2009-03-06

Friday, March 6, 2009
Timothy Egan
Fears of a Clown
Once upon a time, you could drive to the most remote reaches of the United States and escape Rush Limbaugh. But from the Mogollon Mountains of New Mexico to the Badlands of South Dakota, where only...
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Tom Hayden
Rage is Good
Hopefully, the demonstrations planned on Wall Street April 4 will contribute to the global uprising. Our president and Congress need the pressure.
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Ann Friedman
Broad Rights: Reproductive Healthcare Effects Us All
After President Barack Obama signed his first piece of legislation, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, he remarked that it was a victory for workers and for civil rights. He did not say it was a...
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Hasan Abu Nimah and Ali Abunimah
Did Clinton Sabotage a Palestinian Reconciliation?
Still reeling from the Israeli massacres in the occupied Gaza Strip, Palestinians have lately had little to celebrate. So the strong start to intra-Palestinian reconciliation talks in Cairo last week...
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Jon Eisenberg
Obama's Bush League Decision
Last July and September , I recounted in Salon how, in the case of Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation Inc. v. Bush, where I am one of the plaintiffs' lawyers, government attorneys for the Bush...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Casual, Corrupting Use of Anonymity for Political Officials
For an administration flamboyantly vowing new levels of transparency, the Obama White House continuously relies upon one of the most un-transparent political weapons: namely, disseminating to the...
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Seumas Milne
If This Becomes Obama's War, It Will Poison His Presidency
The armed assault on Sri Lanka's cricket team in Lahore has been a brutal demonstration, if any more were needed, that the war on terror is devouring itself and the states that have been sucked into...
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Phyllis Bennis, Farrah Hassen
President Obama Has Things Backward in Afghanistan
He is putting the escalation cart way out in front of the strategy horse. Obama has already announced plans to escalate the war by sending 17,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan. But in his address...
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Michael Moore
Why I'm Not Now and Have Never Been the Democrats' Rush Limbaugh
I have watched with mild amusement this week the self-immolation of the Republican Party as it bows before the altar of Rush Limbaugh, begging for mercy, pleading for forgiveness, breathlessly...
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Andrée Zaleska
Postcard from Capitol Climate Action
I came down to DC from Boston on March 2 to attend Capitol Climate Action — the biggest act of civil disobedience on climate issues ever organized. Real protest of the polluters that cause climate...
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David Michael Green
Smart Is The New Stupid (And Other Subtle But Profound Effects of the Obama Era)
Like every good person I know, and a lot of evil (i.e., regressive) monsters I don't, I've been watching very eagerly and carefully to see what decisions Barack Obama is going to make as our new...
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Karen Greenberg
Obama's Guantanamo? Bush's Living Legacy at Bagram Prison
Just when you think you've woken up from a bad dream... When it comes to offshore injustice and secret prisons, especially our notorious but little known prison at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, let...
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Paul Krugman
The Big Dither
Last month, in his big speech to Congress, President Obama argued for bold steps to fix America's dysfunctional banks. "While the cost of action will be great," he declared, "I can assure you that...
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Rebecca Solnit
The Revolution Has Already Occurred
Note from The Nation editors: Socialism's all the rage. "We Are All Socialists Now," Newsweek declares. As the right wing tells it, we're already living in the U.S.S.A. But what do self-identified...
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John Nichols
Talking About Health Reform, But Not About A Cure
Health care reform is a vital and engaging concern for America - and for Americans. But you would not know it from Thursday's White House Forum on Health Reform, which was so narrowly focused and...
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Barbara Ehrenreich, Bill Fletcher Jr.
Reimagining Socialism: Rising to the Occasion
Note from The Nation editors: Socialism's all the rage. "We Are All Socialists Now,"Newsweek declares. As the right wing tells it, we're already living in the U.S.S.A. But what do self-identified...
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Donna Smith
The Health Summit or American Healthcare Brought to You by Humana and Friends
WASHINGTON, DC - So the healthcare summit convenes in the White House, and there is dancing in the streets by all the reform stakeholders, eh? OK, well maybe for the powerful and the well-connected...
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