Views for 2009-03-04

Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Robert Parry
How Close the Bush Bullet
Earlier this decade when some of us warned that George W. Bush was behaving more like an incipient dictator than the leader of a constitutional republic, we were dismissed as alarmists, left-wingers...
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Christopher Cooper
Whole World Is Rough, It’s Just Gettin’ Rougher
Something happens. I can't tell you what precipitates the conversion, or even if it has a single trigger. More likely, I think, the change is a process of internal reorganization that those of us...
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Robert Weissman
Wall Street's Best Investment: Paying for Policy in Washington
Financial deregulatory mania over the last three decades led directly to the current financial meltdown. Were the deregulators acting out of principle? Perhaps. But it couldn't have hurt that the...
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Ellen Brown
Bank On It: How Cash-Starved States Can Create Their Own Credit
"He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils; for time is the greatest innovator." - Francis Bacon On February 19, 2009, California narrowly escaped bankruptcy, when Governor Arnold...
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Jamal Juma
Sustaining Global Solidarity After Gaza
The Israeli invasion of Gaza, which has now claimed more than 1,400 lives, generated serious popular backlash the world over. The overwhelmingly weak official positions and statements, especially in...
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Jill Fraser
Farewell to Jobs
According to a recently released AP-GfK poll , 32% of Americans are crazy. Oh, sorry. The poll actually revealed that 47% of those asked worry "a lot" or "some" about the possibility of losing their...
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Naomi Wolf
Yoo and The Subversion of Liberty Narrowly Averted
If history gets this recent era right, future textbooks will have to show that the US narrowly averted a carefully planned but thorough and unmistakable conspiracy to subvert the rule of law and the...
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James Ridgeway
36 Years of Solitude
What's left of Albert Woodfox's life now lies in the hands of a federal appeals court in New Orleans. By the time the court hears his case on Tuesday , the 62-year-old will have spent 36 years, 2...
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Dean Baker
Staving Off Another Great Depression
The Washington policy debates of the last week would almost make a casual observer believe that the nation's political leadership is in fact nostalgic for the good old days of the Great Depression...
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Capital Times Editorial
Fairness Doctrine Not the Path to Media Reform
We all know that the fierce partisans who currently control the Republican Party -- to the exclusion of its traditional base and the many responsible Americans who still hold out hope for a return to...
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Harold Meyerson
Where Are the Workers?
One sparkling day about 10 years ago, I drove from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara to deliver a talk at a nationwide staff retreat of the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union (...
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Margaret Kimberley
Endless War
Why are more Republicans happy with Obama's policies on government secrecy, wiretapping, non-withdrawal from Iraq, unqualified support for Israel and a host of other policies than most of the...
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Benjamin Dangl
Grassroots Beer Brewers Score a Victory in Utah
Just three companies control approximately 80 percent of the beer industry in the US. Brewing beer at home is one way to counter this corporate monopoly. However, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama and...
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Amy Goodman
Obama’s Coalition of the Unwilling
President Barack Obama met recently with the prime ministers of Canada and Britain. This week's meeting with Britain's Gordon Brown, who was pitching a "global New Deal," created a minor flap when...
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Robert Scheer
AIG: Billions Dished Out in the Shadows
This is crazy! Forget the bleating of Rush Limbaugh; the problem is not with the quite reasonable and, if anything, underfunded stimulus package, which in any case will be debated long and hard in...
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John Nichols
Geoghegan Loses an Election, But May Yet Win Battle of Ideas
Tom Geoghegan, the author whose big-ideas candidacy to fill White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel's Chicago congressional seat drew broad support from writers and liberal bloggers around the...
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Marjorie Cohn
Memos Provide Blueprint for Police State
Seven newly released memos from the Bush Justice Department reveal a concerted strategy to cloak the President with power to override the Constitution. The memos provide “legal” rationales for the...
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