Views for 2009-03-02

Monday, March 2, 2009
Jeremy Scahill
Mercenary King Eric Prince Resigns as Blackwater CEO
The company formerly known as Blackwater continues its mission to bury its tarnished reputation and soldier on. Early this morning, Blackwater founder Erik Prince released a brief statement...
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Sonia Nettnin
Medical Mission Heroes in the Middle East
The Obama Administration should help war and occupation’s victims receive humanitarian assistance, and they should help the injured travel abroad for medical care. Moreover, the Obama Administration...
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Danny Schechter
Who Will Rescue Us as Economy Remains in Free Fall?
"In 1930, right before the depression hit John Maynard Keynes wrote, ‘The world has been slow to realize that we are living this year in the shadow of one of the greatest economic catastrophes of...
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Bob Dreyfuss
The Charade of Not Talking to Hamas
Looming over Hillary Clinton's foray into the Middle East are two extremist movements that aren't likely to be persuaded to support Clinton's vision of a two-state solution. The first is Hamas, which...
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Tom Hayden
Partial Peace, Looming War
President Obama has surprised the national security establishment, and not a few in the peace movement, with his Friday commitment to pull all American troops out of Iraq by 2011.
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Jeff Biggers
Dirty Coal Has Left the Building
The great snow storm has passed. The clouds are parting. The sun is breaking through. Those tiny ripples of hope, that Robert Kennedy once invoked, are beginning to gather near Capitol Hill. The...
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Mark Weisbrot
Health Care Reform Is Needed Now More than Ever
With the U.S. economy's downward spiral still accelerating and the federal government looking at its largest budget deficits since World War II, some are saying that this is not the time to expand...
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Ezra Klein
Foodie Politics: Alice Waters Goes to Washington
For one night in D.C., politicians garnered less interest than pastry chefs. "That's Daniel Boulud!" squealed one gourmand standing 4 feet from a lonesome-looking Carl Bernstein. Nearby, CNN analyst...
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Robin Tyler
Prop. 8: A Case About Justice
This case is not about just us. It's about justice. My wife, Diane, and I will never say, "Please don't divorce us." There is a very moving public service announcement all over the Internet in which...
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Andrew Sim
Beware The Magic Bullets of Climate Change
When Nasa's satellite dedicated to climate monitoring crashed last month after lift-off , even the most rational scientist must have worried it was a bad omen.
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Gary Younge
Time for Obama's Movement to Get Moving
Last week was a busy one for Barack Obama. On Monday he held a bipartisan fiscal summit where he pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. On Tuesday he addressed both houses...
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Roger Doiron
The First Vegetables
In Jerzy Kosinski's novel and award-winning screenplay, "Being There," the U.S. president turns to a plain-spoken gardener named Chance for wisdom at a time of economic crisis. The insight Chance...
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Joan Walsh
Class Warfare? Bring It On
I found 470 mentions of Obama and "class warfare" in Google news just since Feb. 3. The LA Times may have been the most alarmist of mainstream sites: "Obama's budget: Taxing for fairness or class...
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Tom Engelhardt
The Imperial Unconscious
Sometimes, it's the everyday things, the ones that fly below the radar, that matter. Here, according to Bloomberg News, is part of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates's recent testimony on the Afghan...
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Jessica Lee
Thousands of Youth Storm Capitol, Demand New Climate Change Policy
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Just blocks away from Capitol Hill, a new conversation is sweeping the streets. Within the crowded sidewalks and cafes along H and 7th Streets, certain words likely will catch your...
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Chris Hedges
It's Obama's War, Now
This is the text of a talk by Chris Hedges that will be read at anti-war gatherings to be held by The World Can't Wait in New York's Union Square, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Nashville,...
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