Views for 2009-03-01

Sunday, March 1, 2009
Eric Margolis
US Influence in Iraq Far From Over
Barack Obama won the votes of many Americans by promising to swiftly end the Iraq War and bring U.S. troops home. He denounced George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq as a "violation of international law...
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Miriam Pemberton, Suzanne Smith
Budget Makes No 'Sweeping Shift' in Security Spending Yet
In December, The New York Times reported that Obama's Secretary of State, National Security Advisor, and Defense Secretary had all "embraced a sweeping shift of priorities and resources in the...
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Frank Rich
The Ecstasy and the Agony
Barack Obama must savor the moment while he can. It may never get better than this. As he stood before Congress on Tuesday night, the new president was armed with new job approval percentages in the...
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Marc Pilisuk
The Hopes for Obama May Die in Afghanistan
Sometimes we separate foreign policy and national security issues from our domestic agenda, leaving the former inordinately in the hands of experts and officials. Today, we do so at our peril...
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Roger Pulvers
Obama Please Note: Those Who Fail to 'Master the Past' Are Guilty, Too
In "Guilt About the Past," based on guest lectures that Bernhard Schlink gave at Oxford University last year, the University of Berlin law professor describes the "long shadow" cast by the...
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The Citizen of Laconia Editorial
Is Obama's War Strategy a Wise One or a Betrayal?
During the presidential campaign red and white anti-war signs dotted the countryside. In some towns, they lined the streets. The initial impetus for Barack Obama's candidacy came from the anti-war...
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Bill McKibben
The Carbon Addicts on Capitol Hill
Washington has seen its share of big protests over the years, and most of them center on the White House, the Mall or the Capitol. That will change tomorrow, when the first big protest of the Obama...
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Neil deMause
The Recession and the ‘Deserving Poor’
As the economy crumbles, issues of poverty and economic need have begun to make more frequent appearances in the news media. From October through December 2008, for example, the three nightly TV news...
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Dave Lindorff
America’s Stupid Health Care Debate
When President Barack Obama made his quick dash up to Ottawa last week, it's too bad he didn't suffer a gastrointestinal attack, or slip on some ice and twist an ankle or something. If he had, he...
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