Views for 2009-02-27

Friday, February 27, 2009
Phyllis Bennis
Iraq Troop Withdrawal or Occupation-Lite?
President Barack Obama said directly that he would be announcing "a way forward in Iraq that leaves Iraq to its people and responsibly ends this war." As far as it goes, that sounds good. This is an...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Corruption of the Cocoon
The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder writes (h/t Andrew Sullivan ): Get Out Of Your D$*#( Shells
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Joseph Palermo
Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack: There They Go Again
In [yesterday's] New York Times Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack make their same tired argument for permanently occupying Iraq they've been making for the last five years. There's nothing new in...
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Gerald Butts
Carbon Capture No Silver Bullet for Tar Sands
Keep smoking kids. We need the tax revenue. Trust us, we will cure cancer by the time you get it. So goes our national political leaders' myopic view of the tar sands. The argument from tar-sands...
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Bill McKibben & Wendell Berry
Call for Mass Civil Disobedience Against Coal
Dear Friends, There are moments in a nation's-and a planet's-history when it may be necessary for some to break the law in order to bear witness to an evil, bring it to wider attention, and push for...
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Eric Alterman
War Is Over (If You Want It)
Have you heard that we won the Iraq War? Well, sure, we've still got 142,000 troops there, we're spending $12 billion per month on it and hundreds of Iraqis per week are dying violent deaths. What's...
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Thomas Frank
Richard Perle's Apologia
Governing was always difficult for conservatives, but as they return to the opposition, they are rediscovering their skill at blame evasion. After all, this is a movement that is most comfortable...
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Chip Ward
After the Green Economy, Green Security: How to Build Resilient Communities in a Chaotic World
Now that we've decided to "green" the economy, why not green homeland security, too? I'm not talking about interrogators questioning suspects under the glow of compact fluorescent light bulbs, or...
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Alexander Belenky
Photographing America's War Dead
Can the American people handle the truth? The Obama administration seems to think so. On Thursday, Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, overturned the ban on photographing the flag-draped coffins...
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John Kinsman
Nation's Food System Nearly Broke
As our government enacts a stimulus package and President Barack Obama announces bold initiatives to stem home mortgage foreclosures, disaster threatens family farmers and their communities.
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Paul Krugman
Climate of Change
Elections have consequences. President Obama's new budget represents a huge break, not just with the policies of the past eight years, but with policy trends over the past 30 years. If he can get...
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David Sirota
Robin Hood Republicanism?
Only months after the 2008 primaries, most Americans probably don't remember Mike Huckabee or Ron Paul. But that doesn't mean the conservative populism they championed during their campaigns for the...
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Joe Galloway
Doomed to Repeat History in Afghanistan?
President Barack Obama this week is laying out the road home from the war in Iraq during the next 19 months. More or less. The President has indicated that he'll order the withdrawal of upward of 100...
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Donna Smith
A Mother Asks President Obama To Be Honest About Healthcare
I am haunted again. Two stories told in very different venues and for very different reasons are nagging at my conscience. And I ponder the President's budget points designed to begin some down...
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David Michael Green
America’s Two-Party System
The Republican party in America faces two grave problems today. One is Barack Obama, probably the most skilled and era-appropriate politician in a generation or more. And that, after he's already...
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Robert Naiman
Missing from the Afghan 'Surge': A Congressional Debate
A key fact about the recent history of Iraq is absolutely critical to the nascent debate about Afghanistan: there was more to the Iraq "surge" than sending additional troops, so if folks are going to...
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