Views for 2009-02-07

Saturday, February 7, 2009
Michael Winship
Get Away from Those Spinning Doors
Not even three weeks in office and President Barack Obama is discovering that being in charge is no bed of roses, even when you have a garden of them just outside your Oval Office windows. February's...
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Christopher Brauchli
A Requiem for KBR and Blackwater
Incompetence knows no barriers of time or place. — Laurence J. Peter, Why Things Go Wrong: The Peter Principle Revisited KBR’s Heather Browne just got some news. It wasn’t good. Blackwater just got...
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Winona LaDuke
Uranium Mining, Native Resistance, and the Greener Path
In a Dine Creation Story, the people were given a choice of two yellow powders. They chose the yellow dust of corn pollen, and were instructed to leave the other yellow powder-uranium-in the soil and...
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Robert Fisk
War Reporters Used to Prefer Morality over Impartiality
The "normality" of war, part two. We had a great storm in Beirut this week, thunder-cracks like gunfire, great green waves crashing below my balcony, rain like hail. So I curled up on my balcony sofa...
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Glenn Greenwald
Counter-Terrorism Logic
BBC - March 11, 2004 : Powerful explosions have torn through three Madrid train stations during the morning rush hour, with latest reports speaking of 173 people killed. Near simultaneous blasts hit...
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James Carter
Obama: Cut Arms Exports
On the same day as President Barack Obama's inauguration, China issued a white paper outlining its national defense strategy on Tuesday. In that paper, China pointed to a security situation that was...
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The Nation Editors
Don't Escalate in Afghanistan
resident Barack Obama has wisely ordered an internal review of the administration's options in Afghanistan before proceeding with the current plan to send 30,000 more troops, which would nearly...
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Ray McGovern
Leon Panetta Makes Nice
"I am a creature of Congress," said Leon Panetta with a broad smile, which was returned by equally wide smiles from members of the Senate intelligence committee meeting yesterday to consider his...
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John Nichols
More Bipartisanship, Less Stimulus
Determined to pass something in the way of a stimulus package, Senate Democrats on Friday bartered away key elements of the more robust plan approved by the House. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,...
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