Views for 2009-01-26

Monday, January 26, 2009
Jeremy Brecher, Brendan Smith, and Tim Costello
'Globalization From Below' Tackles the 'Great Recession'
[As tens of thousands of activists from around the world gather in Belem, Brazil for the World Social Forum, social movements everywhere are debating how to respond to the ever-deepening economic...
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Robert B. Reich
The Union Way Up
Why is this recession so deep, and what can be done to reverse it? Hint: Go back about 50 years, when America's middle class was expanding and the economy was soaring. Paychecks were big enough to...
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Chris Hedges
With Gaza, Journalists Fail Again
The assault on Gaza exposed not only Israel's callous disregard for international law but the gutlessness of the American press. There were no major newspapers, television networks or radio stations...
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Barbara Crossette
'Global Gag Rule' Lifted
On Friday evening, a time favored by officials trying to avoid attention, President Barack Obama issued a statement reversing one of the most damaging policies ever visited on developing nations by...
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Gerald E. Scorse
The Annual Bailout of 'Investors'
Much huffing and puffing on the Potomac about a $700 billion bailout. Not a peep about one that could be just as big. Every spring, thanks to a generous tax code provision, the Treasury picks up part...
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Glenn Greenwald
To Favor Due Process Is to Favor Terrorists' Rights
The Associated Press has an article today discussing the closing of Guantanamo and what type of proceedings should be established for the remaining detainees to determine their guilt or innocence...
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Joseph L. Galloway
It's Time to Choose Right Over Wrong
While President Barack Obama was busy closing down our military prison in Guantanamo and shuttering the Central Intelligence Agency's secret Gulag around the world, Republicans on Capitol Hill were...
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Stephen Zunes
Is Mitchell Up to the Task?
Obama's appointment of George Mitchell as special Middle East envoy may signal a step in the right direction regarding U.S. policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But there remain questions...
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Thom Hartmann
Two Santa Clauses or How The Republican Party Has Conned America for Thirty Years
This weekend, House Republican leader John Boehner played out the role of Jude Wanniski on NBC's "Meet The Press." Odds are you've never heard of Jude, but without him Reagan never would have become...
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Norman Solomon
44 Years Later, LBJ's Ghost Hovers Over the 44th President
A few days after the inauguration, in a piece celebrating the arrival of the Obama administration, New York Times columnist Bob Herbert wrote that the new president has clearly signaled: "No more...
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