Views for 2009-01-20

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Katrina vanden Heuvel
Tone and Challenge in the Obama Era
"Never in our national history has there been so dramatic a coincidence as this simultaneous transfer of power and the complete collapse of a system and of a philosophy." Resonant and relevant words...
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Ben White
Israel Wanted a Humanitarian Crisis
The scale of Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip, and the almost daily reports of war crimes over the last three weeks, has drawn criticism from even longstanding friends and sympathisers. Despite the...
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Mary Beth James
A Triumph of Hope over Despair
Today my father, David F. James, is among the tens of thousands of honored invitees who will witness the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. In particular, he will be among the hundred or...
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Robert Parry
Historical Mystery of Bush's Presidency
After little more than two years of the Watergate scandal, Richard Nixon resigned and his successor, Gerald Ford, famously declared, "our long national nightmare is over." But the painful end game of...
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Michael Honey
What Would King Tell Obama?
What would Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday we celebrate on January ninetenth, say to Barack Obama, inaugurated as President of the United States on January twentieth? A friend of mine is...
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John Nichols
A Commander-in-Chief Elected to End a War
Barack Obama's presidency will be recorded in the history books as having begun on January 20, 2009, in Washington, D.C. In fact, it began on another, colder January night in Dubuque, Iowa. Obama was...
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Eugene Jarecki
An Ode to Tomorrow
Though the future is yet unknowable, let us for a moment imagine that when we wake tomorrow it will be a new day in America. Let us appreciate the poetry that once upon a time, a one-term congressman...
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Peter Dreier
Pete Seeger Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize
Now that Pete Seeger has sung at Barack Obama's inaugural celebration Sunday at the Lincoln Memorial -- leading more than half a million people on the mall and millions of people watching on TV in a...
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Bernie Sanders
An Inauguration for The American People
President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office at a pivotal moment in American history. After eight years of the Bush administration, our middle class is in decline, poverty is increasing, the...
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Harvey Wasserman
A Ten-Point Solartopian Starter Agenda for the Age of Obama
Amidst the ecstasy of the Obama Inauguration, there lurks great danger. Merely with his swearing in, our nation has broken an epic racial barrier. We are losing our worst president and getting one...
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