Views for 2009-01-18

Sunday, January 18, 2009
Glenn Greenwald
Binding US Law Requires Prosecutions for Those Who Authorize Torture
It seems fairly easy -- even for those overtly hostile to the basic rules of logic and law -- to see what conclusions are compelled by these clear premises: Associated Press, April 11, 2008 : Bush...
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Kate Smith/Rob Edwards
2008: Year of the Global Food Crisis
It is the new face of hunger. A perfect storm of food scarcity, global warming, rocketing oil prices and the world population explosion is plunging humanity into the biggest crisis of the 21st...
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Frank Rich
White Like Me
I cannot testify to what black Americans feel as our nation celebrates the inauguration of our first African-American president. But I can speak for myself, as a white American who grew up in the...
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John Brown
Rest Easy, Kansas City: Israel to the Rescue
Apologists for Israel's incursion into Gaza have submitted a number of arguments to defend this military action -- from the contention that the Jewish state has the indubitable right to secure its...
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Christopher Cooper
Many Days You Have Lingered Around My Cabin Door
I remember a morning many years ago-twenty years and more. I stood in the lower end of my driveway, just where the woods open out into the field, in the early morning sun, talking with my friend the...
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Dennis Bernstein
Is Israel's Gaza War a New War Crime?
The use of the internationally banned substance white phosphorus in highly densely populated areas of the Gaza Strip gives new meaning to the phrase "white power." White western supremacy enforced by...
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Donna Smith, Donna Smith
The Horror of Healthcare in America
It was late Thursday evening after an especially difficult day. I sat at my computer screen as I often do late into the night processing my rage and my determination into some fashion of an essay to...
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