Views for 2009-01-06

Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Ira Chernus
To Help Palestine, Be Pro-Israel Too
Three viewpoints on the Gaza war fill the U.S. mass media: pro-Israel, anti-Israel, and neutral or even-handed. All three are harmful to the suffering people of Gaza. The one view that can help them...
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Ru Freeman
Allowing the Destruction of Palestine, We Die Hungry Too
Today's New York Times highlights the plight of the Samouni family in Gaza who lost eleven of their members despite their calls to the Red Cross to help them evacuate from Gaza, and after the order...
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Jerry Lanson
When The Press Corps Packs It In
Conventional wisdom dictates that new technology is killing newspapers as we once knew them. But I believe history will show that the greedy stockholders of publicly-held companies hastened their...
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Esra Özyürek
A Turkish 'I Apologize' Campaign to Armenians
Two hundred Turkish intellectuals last month launched an Internet signature campaign for an apology to Armenians for the 1915 massacres. "My conscience does not accept the insensitivity showed to and...
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Moazzam Begg
Why Guantanamo Detainees Deserve Asylum in Europe
I was astonished earlier this year when our Prime Minister Gordon Brown met with former Guantanamo Bay detainees and shook hands with them on a visit to Saudi Arabia. When I travelled to Downing St...
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George Monbiot
Shell Game: It Will Take More Than Goodwill and Greenwash to Save The Biosphere
For a while it seemed that Shell had stopped pretending. The advertisements that filled the newspapers in 2006, featuring technicians with perfect teeth and open-necked shirts explaining how they...
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Ghassan Michel Rubeiz
International Community Must Stop Gaza War
The international community should immediately intervene in Gaza and end this war. It is imposing an intolerable price on civilians, killing more than 500, many of them innocent children, injuring 2,...
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Eric Stoner
Obama: Listen to Iraqi Opinion
In discussing his plans for the Iraq War during the presidential campaign, one group that Barack Obama seldom, if ever, mentioned as supporting his proposed policy was the Iraqi people.
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Gary Kamiya
The Israel Rules
As Israel continues its Gaza assault, which has now resulted in more than 500 dead and 2,300 wounded Palestinians, with five Israelis killed, the following thought experiment is worth performing.
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Glenn Greenwald
Obama's Impressive New OLC Chief
The Office of Legal Counsel, inside the Justice Department, is probably the most consequential federal government office that remains relatively obscure. The legal opinions which it issues become,...
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Tom Engelhardt
The Ponzi Scheme Presidency
It may finally be 2009, but in some ways, given these last years, it might as well be 800 BCE.
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Steve Macek and Mitchell Szczepanczyk
America's DTV Transition Beset with Problems
On February 17, 2009, all full-power analog television broadcasts in the United States will cease and existing TV stations will begin broadcasting exclusively in a digital format. The switch to...
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Dean Baker
The Anti-Stimulus Crowd: The Fear of Success
At least some Republicans are starting to muster an anti-stimulus drive, claiming that President-elect Obama's package will not help the economy. Their drive is centered on what they claim is a...
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Mark Weisbrot
Stimulus Time: The Fierce Urgency of Now
Nobody needs to be told that our economy is going down the tubes at a rate unseen for decades. Every week brings new numbers that are setting records. In just the three months ending in November the...
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Lewis Milford
States Should Lead Green Recovery Investment
Today, our nation is facing two crises: One is our failing economy, and the other is global warming. The good news is that President-elect Obama appears ready to explore how to use this challenge and...
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