Views for 2009-01-04

Sunday, January 4, 2009
Rupert Cornwell
Bush Burns the 'Midnight Rules' Oil
Presidencies begin with a slate wiped clean and a first 100 days in which the new incumbent sets out to change the world. They end in the tawdry process in which George W Bush is now engaged: a final...
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Gideon Levy
And There Lie the Bodies
The legend, lest it be a true story, tells of how the late mathematician, Professor Haim Hanani, asked his students at the Technion to draw up a plan for constructing a pipe to transport blood from...
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Simon Tisdall
Obama Is Losing a Battle He Doesn't Know He's In
Barack Obama's chances of making a fresh start in US relations with the Muslim world, and the Middle East in particular, appear to diminish with each new wave of Israeli attacks on Palestinian...
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Glenn Greenwald
Orwell, Blinding Tribalism, Selective Terrorism, and Israel/Gaza
Former McCain-Palin campaign spokesman and current Weekly Standard editor Michael Goldfarb notes that Israel, a couple of days ago, dropped a 2,000-pound bomb on a Gazan home which killed a top Hamas...
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