Views for 2009-01-01

Thursday, January 1, 2009
Rosa Brooks
Israel Can't Bomb Its Way to Peace
It's a new year in an old and bloody world. In Israel, politicians jockeying for power have launched the most lethal military assault on Palestinian territory in decades. Israel has justified its...
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Timothy Garton Ash
2009 Brings Hard Choices Over the Future of Capitalism
Happy new year? You must be joking. 2009 will begin with a wail, and then get worse. Millions of people have already been put out of work, across the world, by this first truly globalized crisis of...
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Michael Tomasky in Washington
Welcome to America's Hall of Shame
In at least one obvious way, 2008 was a pretty good year in my country. We made history in electing an African-American president. I and 67 million of my fellow citizens brought the era of...
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Roberto Rodriguez
America's Soul Sickness & Permanent War: Obama's Rude Awakening
Obama's first challenge will not be the unresolved Middle East crisis. Nor will it be Iraq, Afghanistan, Guantanamo or the economy. His primary challenge will come in coming face to face with the...
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Christopher Cooper
Go Upright And Vital And Speak The Rude Truth In All Ways
"Somebody got murdered on New Year's Eve; Somebody said dignity was the first to leave." They tell you in writing classes, I think, that it's poor policy to open an essay with a quotation. It makes...
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Ralph Nader
Letter to Bush on Gaza Crisis
Dear George W. Bush, Cong. Barney Frank said recently that Barack Obama's declaration that "there is only one president at a time" over-estimated the number. He was referring to the economic crisis...
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Robert C. Koehler, Robert C. Koehler
The Future of Civilization
The tight, absurd parameters of "peace," as they are drawn by the military model we continue to believe in, make real peace -neither bitter nor temporary - impossible even to imagine. God save us,...
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Jen Marlowe
Abeer’s Baby
Abeer was excited when I called her today. "It's my time, Jen!" she told me breathlessly. "The baby might come today or tomorrow-any moment now!" Last time I saw Abeer, a year ago, she had shown me...
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Neve Gordon and Jeff Halper
Where's the Academic Outrage Over the Bombing of a University in Gaza?
Not one of the nearly 450 presidents of American colleges and universities who prominently denounced an effort by British academics to boycott Israeli universities in September 2007 have raised their...
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Glenn Greenwald
Another Brutal Year for Liberty
Befitting an administration that has spent eight years obliterating America's core political values, its final year in power -- 2008 -- was yet another grim one for civil liberties and constitutional...
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