Views for 2008-12-23

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
John Buell
Lessons taught by GM, United Auto Workers
The rhetoric surrounding the auto industry this holiday season is deja vu all over again. I grew up in a suburb of Detroit. My parents loathed Walter Reuther, legendary head of the United Auto...
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Sara Roy
If Gaza Falls . . .
Israel's siege of Gaza began on 5 November, the day after an Israeli attack inside the strip, no doubt designed finally to undermine the truce between Israel and Hamas established last June. Although...
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Phyllis Bennis
Detaining the United Nations
Richard Falk was detained at the airport and denied entry to Israel on December 13, when he arrived in Tel Aviv.
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Robert Parry
Cheney's Contempt for the Republic
As Vice President Dick Cheney goes public in exit interviews about his vision of expansive executive powers, it's getting clearer how close the American Republic came to suffering major deformity –...
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Clay Evans
Bad Company: US Fails Gay, Lesbian Citizens
You can hardly blame the gay-and-lesbian community for being upset these days. President-elect Barack Obama, for whose election many members of the gay community worked hard, has invited the Rev...
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H.D.S. Greenway
At Last, Giving Bush The Boot
The image of shoes being thrown at George W. Bush during his tarnished legacy tour of Iraq has already entered legend. That a Saudi offered to pay $10 million for just one of the shoes attests to the...
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Danny Schechter
TARP This: Paulson's Bailout Plan Riddled With Deception
Talk about crazy making. How do we believe anything Hank Paulson says? First, he needed $700 Billion, and fast, to buy up troubled assets or the skies would fall and we would be pressed to impose...
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Jospeh Gerson
Afghanistan, Socks, and a Moral Compass
After a couple of rounds of snow shoveling this weekend, I am looking out my study window as still more of beautiful precipitation continues to fall in my part of New England, gracing tree branches,...
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Ira Chernus
Hannukah Lights Can Symbolize Non-Violence Too
Jews all over the world are lighting the candles on their Hanukkah menorahs this week to symbolize -- what? Well, they don't all have the same answer. They all agree that the holiday commemorates the...
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David Michael Green
Hey Reagan Democrats: Now Do You Get It?
Sometime in the future... "And now, ladies and gentlemen, if you'll just follow me over in this direction, I'd like to show you one of our rarest and most reviled species here at The Human Zoo - it's...
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Donna Smith
There's No Place Like Home for The Holidays, Until There is No Home
A little box arrived from Chicago last week to my temporary digs here in Washington, DC. Inside were some of the trinkets of Christmases long past. Ornaments that used to hang on trees surrounded by...
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Tim Costello, Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith
Green Paper Gold
There's growing support for fighting global economic stagnation and global warming simultaneously with a "green New Deal" nationally and globally. Investing to cut greenhouse gasses can create "green...
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