Views for 2008-12-17

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
Robert Redford
Stand Up Against Bush's Giveaway of America's Redrock Wilderness
You can't put a price on silence or solitude. You can't quantify the beauty of wilderness. And yet that's not going to stop the Bush administration from trying to sell off what should be the...
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Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)
Media's Failing Grade on Education 'Debate'
President-elect Barack Obama chose Chicago schools superintendent Arne Duncan as his nominee for Education secretary after an almost entirely one-sided media discussion that portrayed the most...
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Alyssa Roy
Federal Law Turns Nation’s Public Schools into 'No-Think Zones'
DILLINGHAM-In January 2002, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was signed into law by President George W. Bush. This federal mandate enforces standards-based education reform centered on high...
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Glenn Greenwald
Prostitution v. War Crimes: The Real Moral Offense
In October, the extremely pro-war, neoconservative New York Sun ceased operations , and its journalists are now finding a warm and welcoming home, appropriately and revealingly enough, at The New...
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Matthew Duss
Cheney: The Failed Architect
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Sami Ramadani
The Shoes We Longed For
Within a few unlikely seconds, a pair of size 10 shoes have become the most destructive weapon the people of Iraq have managed to throw at the occupying powers, after nearly six years of occupation...
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Mark Morford
12 Things to Throw at Bush
Thousands of Iraqis took to the streets Monday to demand the release of a reporter who threw his shoes at President George W. Bush, as Arabs across many parts of the Middle East hailed the journalist...
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Roberto Rodriguez
Obama Should Tear Down The Walls
After President-elect Barack Obama is sworn in, one of his first orders of business should be to order the cessation of the construction of the walls along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border. One of...
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Mohammed Mesbahi and Adam Parsons
America: The Choice Ahead
The presidential election of Barack Obama is a milestone in American history, deeply significant for two reasons; firstly, he not only represents the non-white population of the US, but also the poor...
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John R. MacArthur
A Hypocrite as Our Diplomat in Chief
WHEN IT COMES to foreign affairs, Barack Obama seems like a serious person with an authentic liberal's concern about the health of the world beyond our borders. After all, he campaigned for president...
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Scott Ritter
Dick Cheney's Fantasy World
In yet another attempt at revisionist history by the outgoing Bush administration, vice-president Dick Cheney, in an exclusive interview with ABC News, took exception to former presidential adviser...
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Deepak Chopra
George W. Bush Has Been Throwing Shoes at Us
Most commentators took the shoe-throwing incident that happened over the weekend as a bit of grotesque political slapstick. The Iraqi television reporter who threw his shoes at President Bush...
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Tom Gallagher
If Obama Wants Them To Keep Their Shoes On
While everyone else is trying to figure out how Muntadar al-Zeidi got that second shoe off so fast or whether it was just that Iraqi security didn't bother to tackle him until he ran out of shoes,...
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Ira Chernus
Israeli Youth Resist Palestinian Occupation
If I were a Palestinian, watching Jews in Israel and around the world preparing to celebrate Hanukkah, I might be a bit confused. The holiday recalls a time, way back in the second century BCE, when...
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Thom Hartmann
Alexander Hamilton's Advice To The Obama Administration
Alexander Hamilton, in 1791, proposed to the United States our first true industrial policy. We adopted it over the next few years, Abraham Lincoln reaffirmed it fourscore years later, and it was...
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