Views for 2008-12-16

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
John Nichols
Obama's Farm and Food Appointment
The most telling Cabinet pick that Barack Obama will make -- and from a long-term standpoint perhaps the most meaningful one -- is not his selection for secretary of State, secretary of Defense,...
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Greg Palast
Obama Slam-Duncans Education
Hey, you Liberal Democrats. You may have won the election, but you're getting CREAMED in the transition. Today, President-elect Barack Obama stuck it to you. He's chosen Arne Duncan as Secretary of...
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Karyn Strickler
Reverse Climate Change: Reduce Greenhouse Gases 80% below 1990 Levels by 2025
If your doctor told you in 1990 that someone you love had breast cancer and that 80% of her breast would have to be removed immediately in order to save her life - you would not wait until 2025 and...
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Robert Kuttner
Bailouts: The Ultimate Double Standard
Imagine if the automakers had been offered the same kind of government assistance as the banks. Detroit's Big Three would each get new government capital totaling many tens of billions to replace...
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Laura Carlsen
Coping with Crisis, Latin America Bucks the System
As the U.S. economy tumbles into greater depths of disaster and ignominy--dragging the rest of the world with it--some countries in Latin America have decided it's time to strike out on their own.
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Keep Guns Out of The Parks
Ending a 25-year-old ban, the Department of the Interior announced on Dec. 5 that people who have a concealed weapons permit in their state can bring a loaded weapon into national parks, forests, and...
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Neil Watkins and Sarah Anderson
Ecuador's Debt Default: Exposing a Gap in the Global Financial Architecture
When the government of Ecuador failed to make a scheduled interest payment on private bonds today, it was hardly the first time a country had defaulted in the middle of a financial crisis. In fact,...
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William Borden and Carol Vecchio
Give Till It Makes You Feel Good
Recent article titles from Philanthropy Today sound like real downers: "National Cathedral faces deep cuts"; "Arts institutions face financial distress"; "International Red Cross braces for cutbacks...
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Bill McKibben
The Most Important Number on Earth
Sooner or later, you have to draw a line. We've spent the last 20 years in the opening scenes of what historians will one day call the Global Warming Era-the preamble to the biggest drama that humans...
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Patrick Cockburn
Keep Out... A Message for Foreign Leaders
The sight of the Iraqi reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi hurling his shoes at President Bush at a press conference in Baghdad will gladden the heart of any journalist forced to attend these tedious, useless...
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Nick Turse
A Recipe For Corporate Success in Tough Times?
Is it possible that one of the Pentagon's contractors has a tripartite business model for our tough economic times: one division that specializes in crock-pots, another in adult diapers, and a third...
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Dahr Jamail
As Usual, NYT Ignores Iraqi Opinion
The New York Times failed spectacularly in its coverage of Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction, helping lead the country into war and only much later ( 5/26/04 ) publishing a half-hearted mea...
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Fran Quigley
Nigerians Get Their Day in Court On Human Rights Claims Against Oil Companies
If IkpoBari Senewo had not been conducting an exam for his secondary school students in the Niger Delta village of Bane one afternoon in May of 1994, he believes he would have been killed. As it was...
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