Views for 2008-11-18

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Glenn Greenwald
Has There Been Too Much Bipartisanship or Too Little?
As Senate Democrats this morning prepare to reward Joe Lieberman with the powerful Chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee, the most commonly recited claim -- both with regard to the...
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Miriam Pemberton
Keep Secretary Gates? This Simple Test Should Decide
As the Bush administration's mass exodus gets underway, President-elect Obama is hearing from a lot of quarters that his cabinet should include one key holdover. According to this thinking, he should...
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Juan Gonzalez
Mr. Bush, Come Tell the Ghosts in Queens Your Financial Plan
As our lame-duck President began his televised speech about the financial meltdown Thursday in lower Manhattan, accountant Barbara Beaubrun sat in her house in southeast Queens, shaking her head in...
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Smart Defense
Last month, Congressman Barney Frank called for a 25 percent cut in the defense budget--approximately $150 billion in annual spending--saying, "We don't need all these fancy new weapons. I think...
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Linda McQuaig
Bush's Willing Accomplice
Isolated, repudiated by his people and even shunned by his own party, George W. Bush – the lamest of lame ducks – still seems able to count on the support of at least one world leader: Stephen Harper...
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Peter Erlinder
Will President Obama Finally Bury King Leopold’s Ghost?
November 2008 was the 100-year anniversary of the Congo's conversion from the personal property of Belgian King Leopold II to a colonial possession of Belgium, itself. The King's brutal rule,...
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Dean Baker
Stopping Foreclosures With the Right to Rent: One More TIme
Politicians often prefer complex solutions to simple problems. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the long list of complicated and convoluted proposals to address the country's foreclosure...
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Davinder Kaur
Ending Poverty: Moving Beyond More Aid and Fair Trade
As the United Nations seeks increased financial assistance from donor countries to help meet the flagging Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the inadequacy of international aid and fairer trade...
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Sean Gonsalves
Under a Big Mulberry Tree?
Was President-elect Barack Obama's meeting with Sen. John McCain a "post-partisan" moment? But hold on a sec. What does "post-partisan" mean? The adjective partisan means "strongly committed to an...
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