Views for 2008-11-16

Sunday, November 16, 2008
Harvey Wasserman
GM Must Re-Make the Mass Transit System it Murdered
Bail out General Motors? The people who murdered our mass transit system? First let them remake what they destroyed. GM responded to the 1970s gas crisis by handing over the American market to energy...
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Joan Venocci
Enough With Those Bailout Lines
WITH EACH passing day, the bad news gets more alarming. Sales are shrinking, revenue is declining, and jobs across the nation could be lost. The industry is in crisis. Time is of the esssence...
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Pierre Tristam
Think US Is Moving Far Left? That Terrain's Not Even Close
The infernal machinery of reactionary America -- the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal and its animatronics version on Fox News, The Weekly Standard, the nasal intellects of talk radio like...
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Donald M. Mihaloew
The 'Dubya' in All of Us
Until now, it has been easy criticizing George "Dubya" Bush, for he, and his people, has made a debacle of their administration. Criticizing him as president has been an attractive alternative to...
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Robert L. Jamieson, Jr.
Same-Sex Marriage Has Change on its Side
A SURVEY several years ago found that one out of two Christian marriages implode in divorce. By my math, if Christians spent more time focusing on their own unions -- and less railing against gays...
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Ellen Bravo
A Rescue Package for Working Women
Wall Street tycoons behave irresponsibly, bring the country to financial brink, hold out their hands for an 11-figure bailout -- and lobbyists applaud that as a rescue. Women achieve daily miracles...
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Jennifer Fenton
Documenting the Surge: US Soldier's Films Expose the Realities of the Iraq Occupation
"We have an entire generation of people in their twenties and thirties who have never gone through a war...the media and government have gotten so good at the creation of messages, people don't know...
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