Views for 2008-11-13

Thursday, November 13, 2008
Nancy Northup
A Quick Sigh of Relief, Now Let's Get to Work Rebuilding Reproductive Rights
The election of Barack Obama heralds at long last a season of promise and opportunity: the chance to improve the lives of millions of Americans and people throughout the world by ending the Bush...
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Josh Silver
Obama, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News: A Look at Media in 2009
Ask just about any public interest advocate concerned about the dismal state of media and journalism, and they will tell you that Obama's media policy platform is excellent: the beginning of what...
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Amy Goodman
Obama Can Redeem the White House
Alice Walker is the first African-American woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. But Monday, I called her to talk about a true story.
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Joyce Marcel
In Memory of Bubbling Bob
Barack Obama has inspired a generation and a nation. It's a wonderful thing. But please allow me to be the crotchety old lady next door screaming "Get off my lawn!" for just one moment longer. From...
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Robert C. Koehler
Hope and Vision
I hope it’s time, if nothing else, to retire cynical bumper stickers, such as: If elections could change anything, they’d be illegal.
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Johann Hari
Obama's Chance to End the Fantasy That Is Star Wars
The world is still pleasurably suffering from Woah-bama whiplash. Did he really win? Are we all awake? And would anybody mind if he starts a few months early? The need for decisions is rapidly piling...
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John Nichols
Alice Walker's Wise Counsel for Obama
Pulitizer Prize-winning author Alice Walker, student of people's historian Howard Zinn and literary instructor to a generation or so with books such as The Color Purple, has some advice for Barack...
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Matthew Rothschild
What Is NorthCom Up To?
This week and into next, NorthCom and NORAD are conducting a joint exercise called "Vigilant Shield '09." The focus will be on "homeland defense and civil support," a NorthCom press release states...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Democrats of 2002 and 2007 Haven't Gone Anywhere
Though it hasn't happened yet, it is appearing increasingly likely that Senate Democrats -- led by Barack Obama (who seems to be playing a much more active role in all of this than his spokesperson...
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