Views for 2008-11-05

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Cecile Richards
A Winning Night for Women
It is hard to overstate the landslide victory for women last night. The election of President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden spells the end of eight long years of an...
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Aaron Hicklin
Gay Marriage: An Electoral Liability
Amid the euphoria around Obama's tremendous victory, gay men and women across America will find it difficult to contain their disappointment, anger, and a painful sense of betrayal. The success of...
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Jeff Cohen
Big Election Winner: Indy Media
Of all the factors contributing to Obama's victory – luck, economic crisis, Bush, Palin – a major factor is now so second-nature to us that we may overlook its transformative impact since just four...
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Sean Gonsalves
Anything Is Possible
"The moral arc of universe is long is but it bends towards justice." — Martin Luther King It's tempting to be swept up in the emotion. It was only 50 years ago that black people were being regularly...
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John Nichols
Barack Obama's Many Majorities
"If I should need to name, O Western World, your powerfulest scene and show," wrote the poet Walt Whitman on the occasion of a distant election, "I'd name the still-small voice vibrating – America's...
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Ru S. Freeman
America’s Choosing Day
America wakes tomorrow to a landscape created by its people. It is a landscape that has been tended over the days, hours and minutes of the last two years by the door-knockers, phone-callers and...
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Robert Scheer
Morning Again in America
It's time to gush! Later for the analysis of all the hard choices faced by our next president, Barack Obama, but for now, let's just thrill, unabashedly, to the sound of those words. Heck, both he...
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Mark Weisbrot
After Four Decades, Finally: The Beginning of the End
The nation's capital came alive after 11 p.m. on election eve, as thousands poured into the streets to celebrate a victory that everyone was calling historic. Car horns blaring, whooping and shouting...
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Robert Weissman
Mordor Brightens; Obama's Challenge -- And Ours
Good morning, America. Hello, world. Yes, the skies over Mordor are now brightening.* There is an almost palpable, physical sense of relief with the confirmation that the end of the Bush era is at...
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Medea Benjamin, Arun Gupta
Now That the Election Is Over, the Fight for Economic Justice Begins!
While millions of Americans are celebrating the election of Barack Obama, the wealthy and corporate interests who dished out billions of dollars this election season will be swarming over Washington...
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David Corn
Obama Wins and Redefines Real America
So who's a real American now?
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Mark Morford
Yes We Did
This is no time for gloating. This is no time to get carried away by some sort of rapturous rose-colored ROTFLMAO celebration full of streamers and confetti and blissful weeping in the streets, all...
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