Views for 2008-10-27

Monday, October 27, 2008
Phyllis Bennis
Tenuous Agreement on Maintaining US Troops in Iraq
Despite the recent surge of attention to the U.S.-Iraqi negotiations over an agreement to keep U.S. troops in Iraq for years into the future, the resulting agreement or lack of agreement is likely to...
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Leonard Pitts Jr.
Capital Punishment Is Wrong, Unfair
This is a rewrite. In the column originally prepared for this space, I said that Troy Davis was scheduled to die Monday -- to be killed, actually, by an executioner for the state of Georgia. But --...
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Ian Williams
The West Is Red: While rebuking 'European style socialism' John McCain neglects to mention that Europeans enjoy a higher quality of life
John McCain accuses Barack Obama of wanting "European style socialism" in the US. If only. Apart from the irony that the Bush administration is effectively nationalising the commanding heights of the...
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Nick Turse
The Trillion Dollar Tag Sale
Wars, bases, and money. The three are inextricably tied together.
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Mike Farrell
The Ugly America
"You really do hate America!" This was the parting shot from a man I had just debated on a television show shortly before the invasion of Iraq. Because he's a notorious right-wing blowhard, I laughed...
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Marc Kielburger and Craig Kielburger
Ordinary Americans Left Out of Bailout
Mark Seifert tours reporters around streets more reminiscent of Baghdad than Cleveland, Ohio. They are deserted. The homes are boarded up, covered in graffiti. Once residential neighbourhoods, they...
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John Brown
The Pentagon's New Iraq Propaganda
In recent months, Robert Gates, the US secretary of defence, has received much praise for lowering the triumphalist rhetoric that marked the early phases of the so-called "war on terror". His...
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Rita Arditti
Why Cancer's Gaining on Us
For all the pink ribbons, breast-cancer awareness events, fund-raisers, and celebrations of "survivorship," the facts remain grim. In this country, a woman's lifetime risk of breast cancer is one in...
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Rosa Maria Pegueros
He Has a Gun and He Votes
For twelve years, I lived in Sunland, in the Verdugo Hills, the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains just north of Los Angeles. It was a white, working-class neighborhood where some folks still...
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Norman Solomon
Needed for This Election: A Great Rejection
It could be a start -- a clear national rejection of the extreme right-wing brew that has saturated the executive branch for nearly eight years. What's emerging for Election Day is a common front...
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Ira Chernus
Lefties for Obama: The Final Round
My column " Lefties for Obama " evoked a storm of criticism from readers who see no real difference between the two major parties. " Lefties for Obama: Round Two ," listing a bunch of issues where...
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Robert Freeman
The Dirty Little Secret in McCain’s 'Socialism' Charge
John McCain’s drowning campaign has grasped at the straw of “socialism” to try to smear Barack Obama’s economic proposals. The dirty little secret is that socialism is much more characteristic of...
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Chris Hedges
Populism Arising—but Will It Be the Killer Kind?
The old assumptions and paradigms about capitalism and free markets are dead. A new, virulent populism, still inchoate, is slowly and painfully rising to take their place. This populism will...
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Danny Schechter
Fixing the Crisis Is Not So Easy
Most Americans know the phrase, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” In the good times, when the economy boomed and Wall Street prospered, it looked like nothing was broke. The free market, we were told...
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