Views for 2008-10-09

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Sarah Wildman
The Bush Sex Ed Doctrine
With domestic and global attention turned to the financial crisis and the last four weeks of the race for the White House, the Bush administration is taking the opportunity to quietly check off some...
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Jeff Biggers
The Banality of Clean Coal: Extraction Crimes
Three more retired coal miners died of black lung today. Over 105,000 Americans have suffered and died from black lung related diseases; 10,000 miners, according to the National Institute for...
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Ken Gude
Guantánamo's Prisoners of Cowardice
Tuesday's ruling by a US district court judge in Washington ordering 17 Uighurs released into the US brings us one step closer to righting one of the most egregious wrongs in the catalogue of...
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Medea Benjamin
Should Henry 'The Fox' Paulson Guard the Henhouse?
On Tuesday, October 7, a group of CODEPINK pranksters pranced in front of the New York Stock Exchange. One, wearing an oversized papier maché head of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, grabbed at the...
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Anand Gopal
The Surge That Failed
A bit past midnight on a balmy night in late August, Hedayatullah awoke to a deafening blast. He stumbled out of bed and heard angry voices drawing closer. Suddenly, his bedroom doors banged open and...
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Christopher Cooper
Blowin’ Like a Circle ‘Round My Skull
It is altogether a good thing that we have abandoned certain terms formerly used to describe persons who, through accident of birth or subsequent injury, suffer from mental delays or disabilities...
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Danny Schechter
The Edge of the Abyss
The other day as I was out promoting my book Plunder with a talk at a New York bookstore, the market dropped precipitously. It was a day that I led my blog with a quote from financial analyst fearing...
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Robert C. Koehler
Brace Yourself
Call it, what, our crapshoot democracy? The looming election - the process itself, not merely the feints and jabs of the candidates - is actually getting some mainstream media attention, as in, ahem...
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Stephen Zunes
Haidar's Struggle
Aminatou Haidar, a nonviolent activist from Western Sahara and a key leader in her nation's struggle against the 33-year-old U.S.-backed Moroccan occupation of her country, won this year's Robert F...
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Tara Mahtafar
Sarah Palin and the Confederacy of Dunces
For weeks now the liberal media has been waxing incredulous at John McCain's stunt of a running mate. Righteously they decry her unpreparedness for potentially holding the most powerful office on...
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Amy Goodman
Open the Debates
The reviews are in, and the latest U.S. presidential debate, the "town hall" from Nashville, Tenn., was a snore. One problem is that in a debate it is important for the debaters to actually disagree...
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