Views for 2008-09-30

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Glenn Greenwald
The Simultaneous Rejection of the Bailout and a Corrupt Ruling Class
Retired New York Times reporter David Cay Johnston, writing at The New Republic yesterday, makes a critical point, in a piece entitled "Celebrating the Bailout Bill's Failure" : Whether you favor the...
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John Nichols
A Congress That Can Say 'No!'
Texas Congressman Lloyd Doggett, one of the few members of the US House with a steady track record of keeping his head at chaotic moments, was not impressed by the fact that the Bush White House and...
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Gary Kamiya
Remember Iraq?
With Congress rejecting the $700 billion bailout package, the Dow falling 700 points and the U.S. economy on the edge of a cliff, no one is paying much attention to Iraq. Money talks, and...
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George Monbiot
The Free Market Preachers Have Long Practised State Welfare for the Rich
According to Senator Jim Bunning, the proposal to purchase $700bn of dodgy debt by the US government was "financial socialism, it is un-American". The economics professor Nouriel Roubini called...
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Bill Berry
Buy Local and Help Main Street
STEVENS POINT -- On the Saturday after the big financial meltdown of September, people milled around the farmers' market on the public square here as if nothing had happened. Of course, many of them...
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Laura Flanders
Protecting The Vote: Live From Main Street Columbus
Voter registration deadlines are just over a week away in many states. Polls open in just over a month. In an election that could well be decided by new voters, voter registration efforts are in...
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William Greider
Political Turmoil as House Rejects Bailout
All of the political leaders blessed the deal, but the House of Representatives spit it out anyway. The Wall Street bailout is so odious to public opinion, the "people's house" rejected it today, 228...
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Michael Moore
Congratulations, Corporate Crime Fighters! Coup Averted for Three Days! ...From Michael Moore
Friends, Everyone said the bill would pass. The masters of the universe were already making celebratory dinner reservations at Manhattan's finest restaurants. Personal shoppers in Dallas and Atlanta...
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Rob Arnow
Barack Obama and the Framing of the Debate
In the first presidential debate of the general election, polls show that Barack Obama dominated in the discussion of economics. A USA Today/Gallup poll shows that 34% of viewers had more confidence...
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Ira Chernus
Moralism v. Pragmatism in First Debate
I sat down to watch the first presidential debate with one question in my mind: which candidate would tell the most compelling story? Four years ago, pundits Stanley Greenberg and James Carville...
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