Views for 2008-09-25

Thursday, September 25, 2008
Amy Goodman
Troy Davis and the Supreme Decision
Troy Anthony Davis was scheduled to die by lethal injection Tuesday. Two hours before the state of Georgia was to execute him, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a stay until Monday. It had earlier agreed...
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William J. Astore
Hey, Government! How About Calling on Us?
Lately, our news has focused on tropical depressions maturing into monster hurricanes that leave devastation in their wake -- and I'm not just talking about Gustav and Ike. Today, we face a perfect...
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Glenn Greenwald
Why Is a US Army Brigade Being Assigned to the 'Homeland'?
Several bloggers today have pointed to this obviously disturbing article from Army Times , which announces that "beginning Oct. 1 for 12 months, the [1st Brigade Combat Team of the 3rd Infantry...
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Helen Thomas
Republican Government-Bashers Line Up for Federal Aid
What has happened to those conservative Republican leaders whose mantra was "government is the problem -- not the solution"? Tell that to the once-bloated financial giants now standing in line for...
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David Korten
Main Street Before Wall Street
Events of the past few weeks have exposed the danger of a financial system devoted to reckless speculation that produces nothing of real value and, as we are now being told, presents a risk to the...
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Jonathan Lawson
The Local Community Radio Act Will Increase Local Voices, Choices
This fall, Congress has the opportunity to expand local radio choices for people in cities and towns across America by passing a single, bipartisan piece of legislation. The Local Community Radio Act...
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Naomi Jaffe
The Wicked Witch Is Dead. Why Aren't We Dancing in the Streets?
Okay, capitalism isn't dead yet. And the house is falling on us too. But let's allow ourselves one little moment of glee at the expense of the system that's been choking the world to death for 500...
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Sean Gonsalves
Asking 'Surge'-ical Questions
You can't see it with the naked eye but orbiting 516 miles above the Earth's surface is Satellite F16. It's part of the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP), Operational Linescan System...
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Ralph Nader
Congressional Backbone Needed
Congress needs to show some backbone before the federal government pours more money on the financial bonfire started by the arsonists on Wall Street. 1. Congress should hold a series of hearings and...
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Harvey Wasserman
Jackson Browne Nails Nuke Power on Colbert
Singer-songwriter Jackson Browne nailed the nuclear power industry on the Colbert Show. Browne is in New York touring for his new album "Time the Conqueror." He is also suing the John McCain campaign...
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Norman Solomon
Finally, the Story of the Whistleblower Who Tried to Prevent the Iraq War
Of course Katharine Gun was free to have a conscience, as long as it didn't interfere with her work at a British intelligence agency. To the authorities, practically speaking, a conscience was apt to...
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