Views for 2008-09-23

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Las Vegas Sun Editorial
Protect the Public’s Health
Longtime residents of Southern Nevada will recall that two manufacturers in Henderson once made ammonium perchlorate, a rocket fuel booster much in demand as this country stockpiled missiles during...
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Tim Karr
Why DC Lobbyists Fear 'White Spaces'
What if I told you we could use empty TV channels to connect millions of people to the Internet? The technology exists to do just that. But a powerful corporate lobby is standing in the way with a...
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Tariq Ali
Casualties of Another War
The deadly blast in Islamabad was a revenge attack for what has been going on over the past few weeks in the badlands of the North-West Frontier. It highlighted the crisis confronting the new...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Electronics Dumping Ground
It is easy to dump on China's tainted milk, toxic toys, and poison pet food, ignoring how the United States makes China its personal PC dump.
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Thomas Schaller
Saving the Wealthy With Socialism, Conservative-Style
Like it or not, we're all socialists now. You can thank those free-market conservatives and their deregulatory idol, George W. Bush, for that. Conservatives love to wield the word socialism like some...
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Alan Nasser
A US-NATO War In Pakistan? – An Anatomy of the Current Crisis
On Saturday evening, the Marriott hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, one of the city's two most luxurious hotels, located near the presidential office, the parliament building, and a host of foreign...
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Peter Dreier
GOP: Lose Your Home, Lose Your Vote
Senator John McCain was a foot soldier in the deregulation revolution, which triggered the current banking crisis and the wave of foreclosures. In Michigan, his party wants to deny the right to vote...
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Sarah Anderson, Sam Pizzigati
The Bailout and CEO Pay: What's 'Excessive'?
Everyone knew this bailout was going to be big. Now the bailout has become even bigger. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is not just talking about bailing out mortgage lenders and traders any more...
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Devinder Sharma
Global Priorities: Feeding Markets, Starving the Hungry
The world's private-sector giants have stepped on a financial minefield. In the past six months, three of America's top five investment banks have disappeared. The remaining two - Morgan Stanley and...
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Naomi Klein
Now Is the Time to Resist Wall Street's Shock Doctrine
I wrote The Shock Doctrine in the hopes that it would make us all better prepared for the next big shock. Well, that shock has certainly arrived, along with gloves-off attempts to use it to push...
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Nomi Prins
Bailout Plan Won't Be End of Wall Street Bailouts
Sunday night meetings in Washington produce startling announcements: In March, there was the Fed's $30- billion backing of Bear Stearns' bad assets, as it was given to JPMorgan Chase; last week we...
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Norman Solomon
Too Big to Fail and Too Small to Matter
These times provide a crash course on the corporate state: If a company like AIG is too big to fail, the government will rescue it. Mere people -- too small to matter -- are expendable. The insurance...
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